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September 19, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

Utada Hikaru’s album in heavy rotation, she is still extremely talented, and no doubt one of the best R&B female artiste in Japan I think.

I survived another photo shoot session at the Jakarta studio yesterday from 9 am – 1am. It’s crazy. If this goes on, I certainly will age with every biz trip. I wonder how those people in my ad agency or how my boss does it for that matter. How can people go on with only 2 hours of sleep everyday? Having just recovered from fever last week, I am down with sore throat again. No weight loss with these though. On the contrary, being on the pill for 2 months has made me pile on 4 kgs. So what those ladies on the forum said is true, it does make you put on weight. The acne is clearing up slowly though, leaving ugly dark scars behind. Today I met my ex-colleagues, and most of them commented that the scars are really quite hideous. Sigh, I guess there is nothing I can do except live with it. Just wait for the [cliche] “Time heals all wounds” thing again.

I haven’t ran in 2 weeks. Too exhausted, too many things to do and too moody.

Things haven’t been going smoothly on the job front recently. I am finding it challenging to decipher and adjust to my boss’s ever-changing moods. I find it hard to achieve a balance between his “I want you to be independent” and his “You should understand the final decision lies with me, or rather, please know that the final decision maker is me, not you“. His tactlessness is also something I am learning to deal with, and somehow that tactlessness manifests itself more so often when he is speaking in Japanese than when he is speaking in English. I just can’t help but feels he treats the rival better sometimes. A (subjective) mistake on my part has resulted in an unsatisfactory cut in the recent TVC shot. Re-shoot would means incurring loads of $ and compromising with the original timeline. I have been feeling bad about this for days. I mean my boss didn’t shoot me down but he did voice his unhappiness… But I try to see all these as a learning experience, because if I don’t, I am going to shoot myself down again.

Anyway i am grateful for the time to get a rest this weekend.

(to be continued)



1. ~y~ - September 22, 2008

That’s 16 hours in a photo shoot. how many photos did you get and what was the subject? A fridge?

2. ash - September 25, 2008

I don’t know how many, I havent seen the final photos yet.
I think it was like 400-600 photos, the model had 6 outfits with different wigs / hairstyles for each..In between she had to change and get her make-up done all over again, that takes up a lot of time. Then she had to take photos with and without the product (laptops). And then there’s time for her to rest and eat…the muslims there aren’t very strict about fasting, they were all eating and smoking away!

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