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My loot April 26, 2009

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My loot

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It’s long overdue but anyway, this was the fish I caught.
I ate it too!


February 28, 2009

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I thought I deserved to chill yesterday evening. Worked hard the entire week and especially yesterday. Alas, the drinking people weren’t drinking and the dining people weren’t dining. Nobody was around to spend the friday evening with me. I called Jess and she already reached home but the good thing about staying near HV is that you can be readily avail if your friend is ready to go down to HV!


Yay! So we had dinner at El Patio. Very good. Beef Elchiledas and tortilla chips made my day. Jess kept saying I cannot finish the “big” portion of elchiledas, but haha I proved her wrong! Tsk tsk tsk, don’t you know I am a pig? This is me staring at the Elchiledas before starting. Actually I was contemplating where I should start eating from.

And just like any other commercial consumer, we finished off the evening with Starbucks. There, I grabbed a random magazine and found my husband in it. Behold!