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When 2% means a hell lot of work June 3, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

Everytime I whine that I am fat, the kind souls around me will say “Please! You are not!” Tactful ones will say “Well, you are not fat but you are not slim either”.  Apart from the fact that I am a girl, the reason why I keep whining that I am fat is because I really am. Fine, my clothes cover my tummy and I can try (very hard) to ignore my thunder thighs and huge butt, and conveniently forget that I often can’t even fit into L-sized pants…but numbers do tell the truth.

I did a very detailed measurement of my body composition in the gym in March. They had this machine called “In Body” whereby you could measure everything from body fat percentage to strength of arms & legs. My results were abysmal. I was told that I have an ideal BMI but beneath the deceiving BMI, I am actually slightly obese. My percentage of body fat amounted to 30.3%, girls of my weight and height should have body fats of about 23% to 26%. My arms are also weak in terms of strength (my arms say goodbye to people) and my posture indicates that I tend to shift my weight to the right when standing. Upper body to lower body ratio was also unbalanced. So the not- so- shocking truth is, I really need to watch my diet and lose weight.

On hearing that, the disciplined peeps out there would probably race straight to the running machines and start running like a hamster on a wheel, but not me. I was shocked into inaction instead. It was more like, what’s the point? I won’t succeed anyway. I just love eating junk food too much to give it up.

The gym people tried to motivate me by promising me a “gift”. If I lose 2 % of body fats by mid-June, I get to receive a present. (which I am guessing is a towel printed with the gym logo) No, that carrot is not enough for a greedy donkey like me. For the entire month of March and April I just continued with my snacking habits.

Sometime about 3 weeks ago, I tried on a pair of pants in a boutique which was labelled L. The size was big and the cut was loose. I think men and skinny women out there will never understand the shock you get when you THINK you can fit into something but end up coming out of the fitting room feeling disappointed. I found it almost embarassing to return the pants to the salesgirl and say “I think it’s ok.”

So I tried to really watch what I eat. Websites suggest monitoring your daily calorie intake and then start out by subtracting 500 calories per day. My first day’s calculation told me that I ate 4000+++ calories. How is that possible?

Well, my school lunch is about 850 kcal. (I know it because it’s written in the menu). After I get home, I have dinner. After dinner, I just rot in front of the TV and start snacking. One pack of chips is about 400- 450 kcal. I eat 2 packs in a row when I watch TV, so that’s nearly 1000kcal. After finishing the chips , I decide that I need something sweet to dilute the salty aftertaste in my mouth, that’s when I reach out for something like cookies & cream ice cream which is also about 300 kcal. At times I make cheesecake and finish the whole darn cake by myself. One slice is about 470 kcal, one cheesecake should amount to 1000++kcal. At night I have supper, maybe pizza or something. Gasp. Horrors of horrors, my life is junkfood life!

All these plus the fact that I hardly visit the gym even though I pay a hundred dollars for it every month. I am beyond redemption.

I tried to cut down calorie intake but realised it requires tremendous willpower. I followed a reduced calorie routine for a few days but ended up breaking it.

It’s going to be mid-June soon. 2% of body fats….that’s hell lot of work. How do I do it?



1. kah seng - June 3, 2007

Women will go all out to argue that they are fat! Even with scientific evidence 😉

But seriously I think there is a difference between stats such as BMI or fat% and your view of how you look.

Go easy (and I don’t necessarily mean the calories ) 😉

2. ~y~ - June 4, 2007

heh. when you come back we can go slack in the gym… reducing body fat % in a few months is quite tough… it took me a year to bring mine down by 1%, although i admittedly wasn’t that hardworking.

3. wee - June 4, 2007

found you! 🙂
i went for this full body checkup last year and i think my % body fats is also 30%. i was quite distraught but life goes on! it means i can float better than others..:)

4. ash - June 4, 2007

perrin: Haha! I felt inclined to back up my claim with solid numbers! Don’t worry, will take it easy this week 🙂

~y~: 1% ! Yes, I shall set my target at 1 % for now haha. That means stime next year right? Sigh..

wee: wee!! You got 30%?! That’s impossible! By the way that day I suddenly recalled the saying “e dao zui e hai shi hen e” and just burst out laughing in the subway…gena weird stares haha…

5. wee - June 5, 2007

hahaha.. yes 30%! the medical report said it’s above average and told me i should exercise more. that was last august. and i stopped exercising altogether due to my lasik surgery and very very busy schedule (ie 12am everyday for 5 months). and now i still can’t exercise. hahaha. i’ve decided it’s fate. fei dao zui fei hai shi hen fei. hahahahaha.

6. Merna Mabon - February 27, 2013

When you eat less than you “burn”, your body turns fats back into energy. But our bodies try to protect the fat, since it’ is supposed to be saved for lean times, so it can be difficult to loose fats. But keep at it, dedication will win. Just burn more than you eat… either exercise a lot more or exercise a little more and eat less.`

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