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April 10, 2009

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I am feeling really uncontented.

My world is getting very small. Just working  and working and seeing the same people everyday. Saying the same things everyday. I need a holiday but I don’t believe I can take more than 3 days to go anywhere. It’s the result of lack of planning too but it’s like work butts in everytime I feel like using an extended weekend.

I won’t go to Uniqlo now. Will just wait for 2 months to pass. Jo and I were talking about it yesterday. Come to think of it, we didn’t buy any Uniqlo back in Japan except in winter and in summer. Winter for the cheap made in china fleece which was a savior to all poor foreigners living there. No design, just colors. Buy 1 M size and 1 L size, wear it in on top of one and another and just try to live the winter through without repeating the same thing once every 3 days. Summer for the lacy camisoles which we could layer inside our tops (which were bought else where). The jeans were good though, it was the only place where I could find a “skinny” to squeeze in.

Going to log off. Too depressed.


February 11, 2009

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This has been a slow week. Mainly because I worked 1 extra day over the weekend and in consecutive action. Sunday saw me spend my day in a remoted Bangkok studio from 10 am in the morning all the way to 1.30 am. I heard that’s where they made “Ongbak”. Not that I have any interest. By 12 midnight I was shivering with cold and was feeling my contacts sticking to my eyes. The shoot was interesting no doubt, but checking every frame against the storyboard and fearing that my boss would hang me over an unsatisfactory end product was enough to tire me out. The next day I came back to realise that I was walking into a Monday office. Very scary to realise that the week is just going to start after you have already worked more than 12 hours. So I must say, kudos to those people who work weekends and go through nights of not sleeping just to finish their work. I only do this once in a while but some people have jobs which require them to put in such effort almost every time.

Watched “The secret life of bees” on the plane. It was SOOO good. I see Dakota Fanning in a different light now, as the reviewer of the movie puts it, she is “truly amazing” and shows a maturity beyond her age. I used to think she had only 2 expressions when she was younger. (1) Wide-eyed and silent (2) Screaming non stop. But she is really good in the movie, her expressions are poignant and natural, with just enough emotional intensity required without over-acting. Jennifer Hudson was not bad but Alicia Keys was just so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Actually I could not remember much from the book, it was 5 or 6 years ago. Either Topo or Fur lent it to me…but watching this movie made me want to read the book again.

There’s a lot of stuff at Bangkok airport but all I buy is cosmetics. Not because it’s cheaper, but just because the Bangkok that I know consists only of the airport and my subsidiary office. So I try to indulge in a little self gratification everytime.  My latest buy is the Shu Uemura UV make up base. Very fun to use and even more fun to watch the Thai salesman desmonstrate the product. Very effeminate. And I was jealous of his good skin and nice hair!

I have been cabbing to work everyday. It’s been 1 month since I last took the bus, I don’t even dare to calculate the cab expenses. Actually I know the cab expenses, seeing how empty my bank account is….I really really must try to wake up!

Seriously I am worried about my health. I find that I grow lethargic easily and am always feeling fatigue. I also start to feel cold in air-conditioned places these days really easily. At night I have insomnia and in the morning I can’t wake up. Frequently I suffer digestive problems and end up throwing up or something. Yesterday night I was also taken by a sudden bout of stomach cramps and nausea. (I will SLAP anyone who dares to make a corny joke about pregnancy here)

My boss is coming in 5 minutes time. Cue for me to run.