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December 13, 2009

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November 19, 2009

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First up, the only time I feel proud to be associated with my company is when I check out what kind of campaigns they do in Europe, because honestly European campaigns are on a totally different level. They’ve got budget, they’ve got good agencies and they’ve got vision and wit. Campaigns in Asia on the other hand, lack budget which in turn stifles creativity and if I can only describe in words how incompetent my agency is, you’ll understand why I feel exasperated. In any case, a chair was launched into space (I didn’t even think it was possible) using a helium balloon and the entire episode recorded using our camcorder (which sounds even more impossible) The result is a crazy fantastic beautiful ad. I watched it at least 5 times today, love the last part! This is the kind of ad that gets people talking.

Then I found out that Volkswagen did this really great campaign for CSR, making mundane good things fun. I love this idea, I wish we had such a machine here so that people can learn to do good while having fun. But then again, I have little faith that people in our country will use it right.

Lastly, this (click online dressing room) is set to make online shopping reach a new high. For the married women, their husbands probably need to retract all supplementary credit cards, for the singles like me, bankruptcy might just be on the way.