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July 9, 2009

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.
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So I was bored. And I started taking those “How well do you know XXX” quizzes on facebook. My score never went past 28% for anyone, 1 test was even 0% and there were 20 questions. It shocked me. I don’t think I know anyone at all, or rather, I no longer know anyone.

I heard an acquaintance (a primary school mate) is now really into gaming. To her question of “What would I do if I had only 1 day to live?”, I chose the option of “game all the way” without hesitation. The correct answer stunned me for a few seconds. It was “tidy my room”.

I was struck by my own superficiality. When we were in primary school, this acquaintance was the untidiest girl I have even known. Untidy bag, untidy table, untidy room, untidy uniform and untidy hair. Anything that had the potential to be tidy was being “untidied” by her. Naturally, she must have retained this “untidiness” even til today.

“What would I do if I had only 1 day to live?” Her answer led me to re-think my view towards life and myself. Why, of course. You would do something you have never done before. You would want to put something right. For untidy her, she would tidy her room during the last few hours of her life. Yet I chose the gaming option. How superficial of me, and frankly, how selfish.


June 2, 2009

Posted by ash in about corporate woes, about Moody rants.
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I don’t know why other people can go on business trips and tour along the way while mine is always like a military training camp.

Will be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow night, my 8-day schedule came from the other side today. On average, I get out of the hotel at 5.30 am and it’s off to work work work. Worse, I will be making day trips to places with names I can’t even pronounce all the time. Saturday and Sunday would also be work. Thankfully attapchee is considerate enough to write an e-mail (plea) to the other side and ask for sunday to  be off for me. Even then, it was not based on the reason that Sundays are for people to rest, it was through the tactful excuse of “Could you kindly excuse my staff that day so that she can stay in to complete her outstanding work” In any case, I am thankful to attapchee.

Everyone tells me “Hey you can shop in Bangkok now!” To me, this whole thing is just an extended version of my usual biz trip. Meetings, meetings, events events….meetings meetings…Then people will tell me “Go out at night lah! It cannot be that you are working the whole day right?” Bingo.

Why? Actually I know the blasted answer. I work in a Japanese company. That’s why.