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1Q84 July 2, 2009

Posted by ash in about Movies, art & anime!.

When Murakami’s latest novel hit the book stores in June, I didn’t think much about buying it. In the first place, the first print was sold out immediately. Secondly, I doubt I would be able to read such a complex and intriguing story in Japanese. Thirdly, I don’t even know if the local Kinokuniya stores stock it.

Today, one of my least expected sources called and told me that he bought the 1st volume for me when he went to Japan recently. This person is someone from the advertising agency who serves my co. account. I don’t work much with him due to us being in charge of different territories, but the fact that we are both Murakami fans was known very early on during one of those contrived “welcome dinners” they held for me when I was a newcomer.

harukiIt was a huge surprise, for I thought he always favored my counterpart more. He said he bought 1 for himself and recalling that I am also a Murakami fan, decided to buy 1 more. Subsequently he apologized for only getting the 1st volume because it was too heavy to bring 2 full sets back. (How Japanese I thought, giving gifts and apologizing for them) I laughed and replied that I would get the 2nd volume myself, maybe I will do that end July when I go to Tokyo.

I haven’t got the book yet. Whether he bought it for me because he appreciated a fellow fan or because he wanted to establish better work relations I do not know, but at least I was remembered in that instance. And for that, I feel grateful and glad.



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