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Invade New Zealand now, Japan later. May 27, 2009

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Strange title? Watch this.

I laughed even though I have nothing against New Zealand. That was where they made LOTR and that’s where the number of cows are reputed to be as much as the population of Singapore. (I never forgot how insulting that milk commercial sounded)

And talking about invasion of Japan, I really just mean Tokyo.

Despite having lived in Japan, I never really knew Tokyo. Tokyolites were just too urban, too cold, too complicated and too advanced for me. I still prefer the suburbs of Sendai. BUT! My birthday program for this year was suddenly set today. Ah…the beauty of impulse.

I am going to be at Ghibli Museum on my birthday morning!

Maybe you don’t realise how happy that makes me. Well, not as crazily happy as I would be if you told me I am gonna spend my birthday at the pyramids but still! Ghibli Museum is gonna be one of my dreams come true. Imagine giant Totoro waiting for you at the entrance and being able to take a picture with the robot from “Laputa”. How many times have I seen images of the museum and fantasised about myself being there and marvelling at all of Miyazaki’s characters? I can’t believe this is going to materialise in 2 month’s time.

Very happy indeed.



1. Cynthia - May 28, 2009

Hey Ashley, when’s your birthday? We should meet up when you come to Tokyo…Meriel’s here too!

2. ash - May 30, 2009

It’s going to be end July to start August/ let me email you

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