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May 11, 2009

Posted by ash in about expression, about Movies, art & anime!, Uncategorized.

All THE movies are coming in! Caught Star Trek over the weekend, great initiation for someone who was only in kindergarten in the 80s. Thanks to the bf, we re-watched the old ones too.

Before Star Trek I caught “17 Again”. I surprised myself because I truly enjoyed the movie, didn’t think I would still be amused at this age. Maybe it was Matthew Perry. Afterall, Chandler was my fave character and it was hard not to see some “Chandler” in this movie so I was tickled by most of what he portrayed.

Loads of movies on my “to watch” list now. Angels & Demons, Transformers, Terminator, UP, Harry Potter etc

Anyway, I find that I am browsing through the Twilight books instead of reading them. The author’s way of writing is surprisingly disengaging and sometimes even boring. I have problems feeling “touched” by the dialogue, most of the time they are just too mushy or teenage (Okay, this is a teenage series). And seriously, is Bella an idiot or what?

*I made the picture up. I drew the same flower again LOL. I need to draw something else.




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