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May 8, 2009

Posted by ash in about corporate woes, Uncategorized.

I have a life tonight. Yay. I am going for a movie. First sign of life in weeks.

The first round of Cambodia project – crazy researching, is finished. Second round – crazy researching again to make up for lack of information in 1st round, is starting now. Another team member who is doing another country but supposed to be progressing simultaneously, bravely turned up at the meeting yesterday with only 1 section completed out of 12. Her reason is that she is busy with her normal work and has no time to do it. (Gets off at 5.30 pm and does a new manicure every week)

I immediately thought about the bottles of midnight oil I burnt and weekends spent on my part of it…I can’t help but wonder if I was too stupid for pushing myself. But if I believe I would do the same again for the next part because my normal day job is filled with rushing deadlines, putting out emergencies and going for meetings at 6.30 pm…if I don’t push myself to do it at home I can never finish anything. Having said that, stress and the feeling of overload is causing me to be really tired. I never thought I was still capable of crying in between making presentation slides at 1.30 am. I thought I outgrew that.

Maybe I was really overpaid in my previous job. Well, I heard my previous co. is retrenching starting from next week, my ex-colleague tell me “At least you still have a job”. I guess they are right.

Allison is out. I don’t know why people hate her. She’s good, at least better than B-O-R-I-N-G Kris. Kris just reminds me of David Archuleta, looks like a hush puppy and sounds BORING. Anyway we all know Adam is going to win and I have no objections to that. The bf who has never watched a single episode of American idol is Adam’s greatest fan, he plays “Mad World” like the national anthem. Seriously, who cares if anyone is gay as long as he sings well and entertains? Which reminds me, I actually was a claymate last time! LOL….I forgot about that.

I look forward to off-work time today. Gonna give myself this evening and tomorrow to enjoy, then it’s back to work again.



1. Mrs Kaneshiro - May 8, 2009

I’m all ready to unwind with u tonight darling hiaks! can’t wait! Just went Copenhagen Tea with my galpal this afternoon muhahahha!

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