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May 4, 2009

Posted by ash in about corporate woes.

Rejoice Malaysia, for you are currently off my “least favourite country” for a while. Cambodia has taken over.

Cambodia. I don’t want to read anything more about Cambodia. For the past 2 weeks I have been slogging on weekends trying to research on Cambodia…trying to figure out what the fiak all the bloody Japanese info about the taxes mean, and maybe figure out why I am embroiled in this project at all.

I am so tired. 2 more sections of Cambodia to go and  I am still staring at a blank slide. I’ve hit inertia. At the back of my mind, a couple of things due this very same week are nagging me non-stop. I worry and worry about not having enough time to do them..not knowing how to start because I haven’t organised the info and really…I feel too stressed for my own good.

In between doing the god damn slides, I take a break by watching cute cat Maru on youtube. If you don’t know about Maru yet, check him out. Most awesome cat. Super hilarious with its self-entertaining antics, go watch the one where it dives into a box, really funny. The bf and I watched all the Maru clips. Imagine! 1 million hits for an ordinary (well actually extraordinary) Scottish fold in some part of Japan…the cat has fans all over the world now I guess. Take that from a non-cat lover.

I need to survive this week. My reward would be the long weekend that awaits.

Back to Cambodia.



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