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Test pic 2: Girl by the sea April 10, 2009

Posted by ash in about expression.

I know this is way amateurish and I really think I could do better if I had sketched it on paper first but consider it an improvement from stickman. I got used to handling the pen a bit and am now exploring what I can do with art weaver. Sketching directly was difficult really. The coloring sucks because this is meant to be a test pic and I was trying to experiment with the various tools I could use. She ends up looking fuzzy because I used the dotty technique or tool should I say on her…I guess it was the wrong tool because I feel it’s meant to be more spaced out when you use the dotty thingy but it was good practice. I get a feeling the next thing I could try is to create a picture just using the dotty thingy. But anyway, I am pleased with my progress today.





1. almoking - April 12, 2009

the hair looks so real, cool

ash - April 17, 2009

Wheregot real haha it looks so fuzzy like a big bear.

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