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I try to be the harmless jelly April 3, 2009

Posted by ash in about corporate woes, about Silly talk.

Attap chee is in a strange mood today. Too quiet and too brooding. I couldn’t answer 2 of his questions and his expression looked most unsatisfied.

Never mind. It’s Friday. Today, if I do my work properly and be the harmless jelly in the ice kachang, attap chee should stay in his position. Besides, my fave colleague is not here and I am wearing my new earrings. Enough cause to feel cheery.

I gave up whining about being fat. Not because I am doing anything about it but ever since I hit 60, it’s more like “Wah…okayyy.” Besides, the Bf is fat too and we love to eat so let’s just grow fat together. I bought new clothes recently to accomodate the increase in size. So, ok what.

Yesterday we were at the tackle shop. Too many things I wasn’t interested in. Hooks, fishing rods of all lengths and colors, weights in all weird shapes and sizes, it was alien to me. So I leave it all to the expert. Tomorrow we go to the kelong and that’s it. I am still thinking if I can really bear to poke the prawn and make it live bait. I shudder just thinking of it. Well, I guess I won’t be the one doing it eventually.

Tonight I will catch up on sleep because it seems like nobody’s gonna sleep tomorrow. Let the garoupa fishhead rot!



1. SePPiE - April 3, 2009

Dun worry lah..even tho u claim you hit 60 oredi..u still very preeettyyy..with ur large eyeballs LOL!

2. ash - April 6, 2009

LOL large eyeballs…I know what you mean loh.Thanks ah!

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