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My boss, the seed of the Nypa fruitican April 2, 2009

Posted by ash in about corporate woes.

It’s already Thursday. Good.

The nickname for the new boss here shall be attap chee, something very similar to his original surname. Attap chee and I are cordial to each other, today being his 2nd day at work. Did I mention that attap chee is only 1 year older than myself? Anyway, the power of nationality is stronger than closeness of age. In other words, I feel no affinity towards him even though we don’t have a huge age gap.

Being very Japanese, he politely informs me of his orientation schedule and what time he needs to go home to get his new internet fixed etc so that I would not be stuck in a helpless situation when I need to look for him.

After 2 briefings with attap chee, my preliminary conclusion is that his thinking doesn’t differ from the previous one. I believe they were taught by the same person, hence resulting in them having the same perception of many things related to advertising. It may be my own inexperience about the field too of course, but I get a feeling things are not going to change much. The saving grace is his mild temperament, this means I don’t have to jump everytime my name is being called or be worried about his mood every morn when I come into work. Much sanity can be recovered through this period of transition.

My fave colleague is on the offensive from the start. Needless to say, she is prepared to charm, impress and establish a good relationship with attap chee.

In a round of introduction yesterday by the GM to other newly transferred jap staff, I was labelled to have only “50% of Jap language skills”, the lowest amongst all japanese-speaking local staff here. I feel insulted and would really beg to differ. This is the GM who insisted that jap skill is not needed in our work and turned down my request to study business Japanese. This is the same GM who despite turning down my request to study business Japanese, willingly sponsored my fave colleague’s elementary and intermediate Japanese language courses. Talk about cost reduction! I loathe it when favoritism is this blatant.

In other news, I finally watched “Departures” おくりびと last Fri. Now I understand why it won, instead of “Waltz with Bashir”. I wasn’t tearing until the very end, when Hirosue Ryoko’s character gave her husband the recognition he deserved by acknowledging that “My husband is an encoffiner”. And when Motoki Masahiro’s character finally found the real meaning of his job, which is to send his father on the final journey. The Bf on the other hand, sobbed from start till end. Too emotional LOL.

Last weekend was spent  just watching movies and snacking. Now I am a certified couch potato eating potatoes. Snack rate is 1 pack of Salt and Vinegar chips per movie. Bf and I didnt get our asses off to exercise again. We took comfort in watching Godfather I and II. My first time, but better late than never. I’ll find some time to watch III soon.

I caught up to the latest episode of CSI already!

This weekend will be spent at the kelong. Very un-me. We’ll see how it goes. 2 more days to the weekend, ADD OIL!!



1. ~y~ - April 6, 2009

Godfather I and II are the better ones… III can skip I think…


ash - April 6, 2009

The Bf said the exact same thing. I liked II though, I guess I will watch III for continuity and to see how Sophia Coppola looks like. Might skip it eventually, too many things to watch!

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