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March 25, 2009

Posted by ash in about Memories & Reflections, Bimbotic biz.

After this week, it would be 改朝换代 time. Well, not really to the truest sense of that term because the basics of Japanese organisations do not change. It’s just that I would be seeing a new boss, only a year older than myself..no doubt a real talent for earning his chance to be an expat in these tough economic times. Strangely there is no curiosity. Probably because I have met him twice already and like I said, the essence of what we do don’t change. It’s only a matter of management style.

I am still filled with mixed feelings for my boss. Him being a tyrant helped to get things done externally, why else would my agency bow down to me (who knows nuts about advertising) if not out of fear for the boss? Several times, when I made mistakes which fucked things up, it was his pure tyranny that forced the agency to admit that it was their mistake instead of mine. Talk about being the client…

On the other hand, his mercurial nature caused me my fair share of hell at work. I appreciate “on the job” training but not to be taught clearly is another thing altogether. Sometimes I dont know how to proceed simply because he refused to continue a conversation or throw me 1-liner criticisms in e-mail like “Please behave like an ad professional” or “Please think flexibly”.

By now, I have humbly learnt that my working ability is not that great and I am not that smart afterall. I do find it hard to think out of the box and contrary to what people think, I am more passive than aggressive. I can never answer those ambition-laced questions of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” beause sadly, I have no ambition. To me, I just want to live peacefully  by the day. Earn enough to buy some clothes and bags, own a gadget or two and just have weekends off. I don’t know what a corporate ladder means and I have no strong desire to climb it.

Maybe that’s why I feel threatened by my counterpart / rival whichever you may call it. Her being so young so energetic and so filled with ambition is disturbing to me.

In any case, change (even if minor) is here in the form of a new boss starting next week. He has a mild temperament, although I noticed his sharpness when it comes to work through the 2 times we had contact. Perhaps a more stable work environment (no crazy tantrums and sudden outbursts from above) would allow me to be more focused, improve in my work and allow me to reconsider my options and future path.

I am just interested to see how my agency would react without someone yelling at them to get their jobs done.

In other news, me the F9 person for Physics in secondary school is hooked onto “Crayon Physics”. I remember how I got 26/100 for final year exam and the Physics teacher pointed out to me that I was the last in the level and that if I had a bit of humanity in me, I should drop the subject to alleviate her suffering. I hate physics and I was happy to drop it. Now playing Crayon physics, I realise physics still hasn’t found me after these years…I don’t know how to make use of hinges! I draw a line for everything to make the damn ball hit the star. If I am stuck, I yell for the bf to come save me with his crazy hinge ideas. I mean…how would I know that 1 hinge makes the thing swing and 2 hinges locks it? Siao.

Also, seeing Bekah’s super duper lovely illustrations day after day has incited lust in me for a graphics tablet. I am dying to try my hands on creating a picture through digital means. Alas! My pay’s not here yet and I got a mountain full of credit payments unsettled. Looks like I gotta wait til next month to quench this thirst.

The boss is on leave today. Hallelujah!



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