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March 17, 2009

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

This weekend I discovered some things which makes me wonder why I didn’t see them earlier (3 out of 4 from youtube):

(1) The Shawshank Redemption

(2) That nerdy Taiwan kid rocking up Pachelbel’s Canon

(3) Pandas sneezing

(4) Charlie biting his own finger

The atmosphere at work is bad this week. With the current boss going back home in 2 weeks time, he is throwing everything this way. Non-receptivity to questions, sudden outbursts of temper (what’s new) and I don’t know what else. The only good thing? He’s going home early every day.

1st April will see a new dynasty taking over. Not hopeful, just waiting to see what’s coming next.

My mother woke me up, woke me up yesterday night just to say”15,000 grads unemployed ah!!!” I was half expecting her to even throw in that lamer of a line “You better wake up your idea!!” (which so many guys use. Seriously, this gramatically erroneous line irks me) Anyhow, I think she means “you better don’t quit your job now because I still want to have 1 extra set-top box in my room to watch Chinese star movies and taiwanese talk shows.”

My dad on the other hand is glued to Star Movies. Thank god for Chinese subtitles. I am happy that my extra 12 bucks per month is well spent.

I spent the whole morning doing 1 powerpoint slide. Unproductive.



1. almoking - March 17, 2009

the baby panda sneezing is damn hilarious, haha

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