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March 14, 2009

Posted by ash in about Movies, art & anime!, about Silly talk.

It finally happened but I didn’t expect it to be so fast. My ipod touch died on me 😦

I dropped it hard on the ground, the next moment it was like some black-out inside the device. I could see the icons if I squint hard enough and move them as usual, play the music etc but with it all pitch-black I can’t do anything! I can’t watch CSI on the bus anymore! Sigh, I don’t know if it is under warranty because both the bf and I lost the receipt, in any case I will go down to the epi center and see if they can get it fixed. They MUST get it fixed! I just hope it’s not too expensive.

I am onto the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack right now, quite some good tracks. This reminds me of the whole Indian thing, coupled with Abby’s email that day, I got reminded of The Darjeeling Limited, whose OST I love to bits. Anyway as part of an inside joke, we started talking about how we missed this typewriter song which appeared in the movie. This is the music video of the song, I can’t find the entire thing but it’s funny enough. The guy goes “Typewriter tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip (sorry I lost count of the number of “tips”) …” Whenever we heard it last time, it made us happy with its uplifting tempo.

I wanted to watch 送り人 (Departures) last Friday, but I didn’t expect the frenzy to take over so fast and all tickets to be sold out. Now I sort of lost the the urge to watch it. But I did watch  “Waltz with Bashir”. VERY impressive. I never knew much about the Lebanon war so honestly I cannot fully grasp the contents. But the animation style and use of music, I love! Sorry I can’t say it any better but it opened my eyes to a world of animation outside Japan’s.

And! I finally watched “Twilight”. LOL. When it was out in the theatres I wanted to watch it, not because it was a phenomenal love story or something but just because I love anything vampire. The whole pale skinned blond look (Hyde of L’Arc~en~Ciel did it last time too! See pic. Ooooooh my high school crush) and the mystery of it all. I missed the theatre showings though and after that as more and more girls around me swooned and joined the Twilight fan club on Facebook, it sort of killed my interest. I felt it was too young and I am too old to enjoy this teenage vampire love story thing.

Anyway, I watched it on the plane and I swear I felt like switching it off in the first 15 minutes. But! But but but in the middle things started getting better AND I won’t say I am a fan now but the show for sure makes you feel like falling in love again. Plus, it got me interested in pale-skinned vampires again. As I type this now, I am reminded of watching Underworld 2 last week and it is the crappiest, lousiest, most non-entertaining 2 hours of my life. I don’t know about the werewolves but it was the worst portrayal of vampires ever. That Boston Legal girl looks bad in it too.

I am aware that no one is interested to read about what I watched and didn’t watch but if you already read until here, WAH…..you very bored is it?



1. Mrs Kaneshiro - March 15, 2009

Cham! How u know I’m bored? *husband always away from me of course I’m bored till death*
Muhahhaha I’m into werwolf while u into Vampire, no wonder we click cause we dun usually clashes muhahahaha!!

Take care darling, hope ur ipod has been fixed! And thank u for hearting me no matter how Duh I am. hiaks!

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