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La Maison en petite Cubes March 2, 2009

Posted by ash in about Movies, art & anime!.

489400_com_maisonenpetitsThis time I got the attas French title correct. Upon closer look, I  realised I do understand the title. It’s pretty straight forward.In fact, the title is so simple it did not prepare me for the emotional depth of this beautiful and poignant piece of work. 

By the time the anime ended after 12 mins, the bf and I both had tears in our eyes. It is amazing. To me, it’s no simple feat to tell a story with no dialogue, use appropriate metaphors and engage your audience emotionally in just 12 mins. It started beautifully and it ended beautifully. No open-ended finish, no need for guessing. What you get in the end is just a sense of warmth in your heart, with a bittersweet acceptance of life and old age.

When the anime started, I didn”t know what to expect (I didn’t know the story)and I wouldn’t spoil it for you by going into details..but I thought it initially had a tiny subtle message about global warming. Afterall, under what circumstance would you live in a house that is facing imminent submergence by the sea? Soon however, you will realise the themes of love and family as the life story of the old man unfolded while he scuba dived into the has-been parts of his house.

I was impressed by the old-school style of animation, gradient colors with lots of sepia, and blurry sketches for example. 

La Maison is a must-watch and Kunio-san did good by “sankyu-ing” his pencil at the Oscars!

lavatory-lovestoryI also caught the other nominated animation “Lavatory Lovestory”. Perhaps I should have watched this before La Maison because I found it paled in comparison. While the storyline is engaging, without colors and the poignancy of the latter, I thought it became a little draggy towards the end. Anyhow, it’s a cute little romantic story and a charming piece on its own.

I took half a day at work to blog this entry because I keep minimising the window haha. And now it’s time to go home. Au Revoir!



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