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February 26, 2009

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

It’s the witching hour and I ought to be sleeping, which I really would do in 5 minutes time.

If you have too much time to burn at work and if you got nothing to lose opening an extra window with a gigantic photo (I apologize for the size!), then please drop by the new page. Nothing “WOW”, just a simple thing I am doing…inspired by Rebekah and the need for rediscovering simple joys. Right now there are only 2 photos, but that’s because only 2 days passed since I started Project Green Apple. What’s that again? Yeah I know silly name. But you know, simple things need simple names. (Extra page on top for your reading pleasure if you are really so kaypoh)

Today I ate at the new cafe at Shaw Tower. Nice little place with pretty furniture and nice little crockery which are all different in design and sizes. I was so hungry I went right in without reading the name of the cafe, so I am sorry I can’t tell you exactly which one but it’s the one they mentioned in ST last Sunday. Ok ok, I will find out tomorrow LOL.



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