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February 24, 2009

Posted by ash in about Moody rants, about Movies, art & anime!, about Silly talk.

First it was 3.00, then it was 5.00, now it’s 4.30. Add “am” to all these numbers and you get the times which I have been woken up by my neighbor’s wailing baby.

It is appalling, tiring, frustrating and ridiculous. I am appalled by the structure of my flat. Just 1 thin wall separating my room and the neighbor’s master bedroom. Imagine getting woken up by the cries of your neighbor’s baby, that must mean it’s really near. Everytime I get this in the wee hours of the morning, I have real difficulty going back to sleep because I just can’t, and the damn baby doesn’t cease crying. It’s ridiculous,why must I share my neighbor’s parenting woes? I contemplated slipping a note into my neighbor’s postbox, but what good will it do? She will know it’s from my side and I can’t really fault her for something she can’t control. I tried closing the windows but my room is really hot and I tried wearing ear plugs but I can’t sleep with something wedged in my ears. Well, this doesn’t happen every night but at the rate it’s going, it’s enough to bring out the murderous  nature in me. Seriously makes me think thrice about having kids.

Just like everybody, I was watching Oscars yesterday and reading those senseless comments made by people online today. Hugh Jackman was a pleasant surprise and nothing delights me more than to see the difference between a witty musical Jackman and the raw masculine Jackman as Wolverine. (The X-men trailers!) You know, I like Slumdog. Great music great cinematography…but I don’t know, just a little too overrated? Nevertheless Danny Boyle is great (ok, never for the zombies) and looks like a darling man with little eccentricities. 

And I wish people would stop sympathising with Jennifer Anniston and dissing Angelina Jolie. I liked Jennifer Anniston in FRIENDS but that’s about it. She’s beautiful she’s talented yeah but when you play the victim too much it just starts getting irritating. Angelina Jolie may be seen as a tramp by many but come on, this is Hollywood! And you think she can break up a marriage if there wasn’t something already wrong with it? I was never a fan of Brad Pitt, even if I think Benjamin Button is a damn good movie….but if I were him, I choose Angelina LOL. More beautiful, sexier, more vocal and somehow just presents a more real humanitarian front than say, Madonna? Plus, I dig the ex-goth in her. At least she admits to doing negative things openly. I really think she is a beautiful person through and through. Even if all these are fake, and it’s just a persona she displays, so be it. I don’t see Jennifer Anniston putting out such a charimastic persona? Anyways, it’s just lame how this spat continues amongst fans.

I teared when Heath Ledger’s family went to accept the award on his behalf. Well-deserved and I don’t think he got it just because he died. Although I do agree with the forums that his family is “eerily composed”.

I had difficulty understanding Penelope Cruz. Her “what we can” reminds me of my boss’s Japlish. The best part of her speech was that part in Spanish. I think it was more heart warming that way.

And of course I laughed loudly at Kato Kunio’s speech. Sorry it’s childish and shallow to do so but you know, after being ill-treated by a Japanese at close range everyday, you end up finding every little opportunity you can to laugh at Japanese people. Even if it’s a normal speech made up of sentences which started with sankyu. When my boss leaves, I shall say to him “Sankyu my boss. Sankyu rude jokes. Sankyu look down on Singaporeans. Ehhh….Sankyu tactless remarks . Doumo Arigatou Mr. Nihonjin. ” Having said that though, 「つみきのいえ」 as it is called in Japanese, (I can’t remember the attas French title, hey even Jack Black pronounced it wrongly LOL) seems like a lovely little piece of work and I can’t wait to watch it.

1 more hour to lunch! Super crossing my fingers for a peaceful day today. Boss back in land of the rising sun, that doesnt mean I don’t have to report to him though. But! But but but I am on leave tomorrow! YAY.



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