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February 21, 2009

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IT’S THE WEEKEND!!! Happiness in its most simplified and intense form! (Until Sat evening kicks in and I start experiencing premature Monday blues)

Anyway, the Nokia cable is in a good mood today so here are the long overdue photos from Muthu’s Curry. I realise they may not look as appetising as I proclaimed them to be but it was really nice. Chennai cabbage. Haha, I love the accent and the alliteration of it all.

(There were more photos, they just got lost after I posted this entry :()

Chennai Cabbage

Chennai Cabbage

 Mutton Vindaloo

Mutton Vindaloo






Now in contrast, I would like to show you a something from a place that I went to yesterday evening. It’s a crime scene in Marina. Somebody got killed and his contents were taken out to be sold as dessert.
CSI anyone?

CSI anyone?

Like the disgruntled airlines passenger, I would also like to ask the same question. “Do you know what this is?” Before you answer that, may I just furnish you with the little detail that this LOOKS and TASTES the same?
See those substances floating on the top layer? And that unknown white object in the bowl of liquid. And you get a peek of this little grey jelly like thing sticking close to the unidentified white object. Mind you, I took the photo only after 1 mouthful of this foul tasting crime-scene worthy dessert. I assure you it looks as effing original as it can be.
Actually if it’s me, I wouldn’t be able to tell what the hell this is. But I assume there are more imaginative and observant souls out there, so tell me if you know what this is? :p
By the way, I did not touch this nasty nonsense further.


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