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February 18, 2009

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

The past weekend and this week, I have been inducing myself with positivity. I don’t have that much to do at work these 2 weeks so I find that I manage to get by quite all right on the mental front. Last Sat I got my ass off the couch and joined Jill for a swim (first exercise in 5 months!) and my weekend was spent reading “Rules of Life” and just resting.

So far so good, until he-who-must-not-be-named comes and spoils it again. I mean seriously, how long can you endure your boss telling you every now and then that your co-worker is really pretty? Plus, EVERY Jap business partner who has met her raves about her beauty and then the boss goes on to say how amazing it is that she has mesmerised everyone. “Sugoi!” he says. (That’s japanese for fantastic)

This morning, he was talking about how cute the waitress at a restaurant is because she is half-japanese. After that he says “Don’t you think that people with Japanese blood are cuter? Or is this just the viewpoint of a Japanese?” “Don’t you think Japanese girls are more petite and slender? Not so huge?”

Yes, this is just the viewpoint of a Japanese and Japanese women should feel lucky that they have DNA which makes them really petite and small or whatever…but you know, some men in Singapore do appreciate curvy women who may be plump or tall. Whatever it is, it does not mean that Japanese women are more beautiful  than local women. And I certainly do not think I am any less attractive than my co-worker just because my boss says I have a “Singaporean face” and there are no lecherous Japanese men raving about me.

Beauty is subjective. More importantly, the people whom I care about appreciate me. So you can go on making these unfair comments but you will forever be shallow.



1. yAnn - February 19, 2009

your boss sounds like those stereotypical humsup men who will get drunk on sake and then feel up the skirts of waitresses.

2. wee - February 19, 2009

i totally agree! haha. coming from someone whose boss tries to tell her she’s bridget jones.
japanese people are nationalistic even when it comes to their women.

3. ash - February 21, 2009

yAnn – He is not that humsup but he is just bloody obnoxious, presumptous and downright irritating. Yesterday he called me arrogant. It was like an incredulous “Look who’s bloody talking?!” moment. God, I hate him.

wee – OMG, yes now I remember he asked you to go to the costume party as Bridget Jones. Damn these stuck up japs. ARGH. Yesterday he declared that he would never date Singapore women because we are so arrogant and troublesome. HAHA, good news for him. No one wants to date him too.

4. Mrs Kaneshiro - February 28, 2009

Shallow japo man!

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