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February 16, 2009

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“How was your Valentine’s day?” At least 6 people asked me that question. I wonder if it’s because I shamelessly announced that I am attached on FB. Because nobody asked me this question last year. Or is it because people just feel “safe” asking attached people how they spent their V-day since it would definitely not end up as a tactless question. Seriously I look back at all these years of life, my V-days were always more fun when I was single. Maybe youth played a part too, but don’t you feel that when you were single and young, you cherished friendships, girl power and feel the desire to break all stereotypes more than you do now?

I remember I used to state indignantly “Why must V-day be celebrated among couples only? It’s for friendships too!!” And I would laugh at all the girls walking the streets, who look awkward carrying giant teddy bears or bouquets of flowers which are so commercialised. I would pity the guy who could find no way to show proof of love for his gf other than by resorting to shower her with such overpriced gifts. I still think that now, and I have told the bf that I need no crazy flowers or bears popping out of bouquets on V-day. (Presents on the other hand, are most welcome not just on V-day but everyday :))

My V-day was spent eating instant noodles and watching CSI. The bf was in China and I think it’s no loss not celebrating V-day. My V-day eve (if there is such a thing) was spent with Jill and Jess. Jess and I went to Nijumaru to have dinner (it’s been a while). The bespectacled auntie was very nice, which is like the first time she is nice to me. Must be because of Jess the regular. Jess bought us all heart-shaped chocolates! Awwww! Jill was not there so I am waving the chocolate on her behalf. Mine’s the one with the pink ribbon! I am very particular about this kind of things haha…








I didn’t take pictures of the food because food at Nijumaru is for eating. I ordered so much food. Sashimi set, sunagimo, warm spinach salad and I even ate Jess’s katsu curry rice and wiped out her cabbage salad.

Sigh, no wonder I burst the buttons of my sleeves this morning. No joke, my arms are so fat the buttons from the puff sleeves of the dress I attempted to wear this morning just exploded out when I tried to wear it…Sadly I folded the dress and tucked it in 1 corner of the wardrobe. It won’t be seeing daylight for a long time to come. I don’t know how I managed to wear it when I was in Japan. I guess eating tofu and miso soup everyday really does wonders.

Because I burst my dress buttons this morning and rendered it unwearable (plus I outgrew all my pants due to weight gain) I needed to buy new clothes. They really should have let me audition for the shoppaholic movie, I am Becky Bloomwood. I meant to spend only my 50 dollar voucher but I don’t know how and why I managed to go way beyond that. Let’s not even go into how much the damage is…Sigh. No more, NO MORE purchases for me this month (and next).



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