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I have news for you: Holding hands is stupid February 14, 2009

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I stole that from someone else. One of the people on my facebook list wrote that as a tagline for her status. Hilarious isn’t it. I for one disagree. Holding hands is great! Wahaha whatever. Must be the lack of sleep which is causing me to be crazy.

I sent the boyfriend off this morning at 730 am. More accurately, I sent him off to spend Valentine’s Day with another man who will be waiting for him in China. Anyway, he won’t be back for another 2 weeks. Good for some me-time. But I am so broke. $ is essential for quality me-time. For me at least.

This post is just going to end up sounding like nothing, yes all other posts sound like nothing too but with only 2 hours of sleep and me not being able to get back to sleep…I am just going to talk about really inconsequential stuff. Are you ready?

Ok, so back to facebook again. I did that really dumb ‘comparing friends’ thing because I am so bored at 9 am. One of the questions was ‘Who has better hair?’ and I was presented with 2 candidate pictures from my list of friends. Now, 1 of them is kuali and I really just burst out laughing because how can I answer this question when kuali has no hair! Such an unfair comparison! But I chose kuali anyway because who knows, maybe his hair would be really soft, silky and shiny when it grows out again? (Wah, can’t believe I am being so evil early in the morning)

And I also want to post the pictures of dinner at Muthu’s curry the other day. I never tried that because I thought it was overpriced but I actually had a very satisfying dinner there. Papadums, mutton vindaloo, chennai cabbage, masala tikka chicken and briyani rice. (Post slumdog effect) I know I am very very bad but I wanted to laugh when the waiter repeated the order because when he said ‘chennai cabbage’, I can really imagine it coming from chennai. Then I recall all the Russell Peters Indian jokes such as ‘Take and go’ and this really stupid one where he said ‘My client would like to plead guilty!’ in a crazy Indian accent. Anyhow, I dont have the pictures here because I am sitting alone in Jill’s room while she is sleeping and waiting for Jess to come back.

I am so going to treasure this weekend. Last Sunday has taught me the value of an extra day during the weekend. You know I am playing Sims again. Very outdated yes, but bimbotic games is the best I can do. Yesterday one of my humans got abducted by the alien when he was star gazing. Shocking. He didnt come back until morning and when he did he fell from the sky.

Ok. More inconsequential stuff later.



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