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February 5, 2009

Posted by ash in Fashion, beauty & health.

You know the freshkon contact lenses whose ads you see everywhere? I heard the hype about how those lenses make your eyes look bigger. And I also read this funny blog entry in which a girl relates her experience with a comestic salesgirl who wore those contacts and despite the latter’s excellent service, the girl ended up not buying anything because she was too scared by those big black but dead looking eyes.

These kind of things pique my curiosity so I decided to try it. I mean why not, my last pair of disposable contacts was way overdue. So I popped down to the optician and asked to buy 1 trial box.

This morning I tried putting them on. First I put on the left side contact to see if the eye indeed looks bigger. There is not much difference, although the rim of my eyeball seemed to have expanded slightly. But then I saw the drawback instantly. I think the purpose or supposed advantage of these contacts (which are tinted with black like your brown or green tinted lenses) is to make your eyeballs look really black, so that it achieves a fluid doll-like quality. This probably works for people who have small eyes, the contacts increases their eyeball area and achieves some “wide eye effect”, making them look like dolls.

Unfortunately it starts to look really scary to me, my eyes became too black..there is no depth and yes you look like a doll but you look like a living dead doll because with not much color depth and light reflected in your eyes, the black is just too overwhelmingly black. I feel like an alien in human form. Somebody alert Tom Cruise, the scientology people are coming to get me.

Buying normal contacts would have cost the same though. Actually if you didn’t know I was wearing them you probably won’t know. But if you are someone like me, who looks very closely at people’s faces, their make-up colors and what their accessories are then you will most likely start to wonder why my eyes look so dead. Whatever it is, for these 2 months I will just have to get used to looking at my crazy black eyes until the current supply finishes.

In other (personal) fashion news, my loyalty to the Anna Sui lip rouge was tested when I waited 10 minutes in vain at the Anna Sui counter for the salesgirl to appear. Joining Abs at the MAC counter, I succumbed to buying the tinted lip conditioner (SPF 15) which came in a delightful range of colors from apricot to fuchsia. I bought the fuchsia, which really looks very natural when applied on the pale lips of mine. The best thing is it’s conditioning quality, feels like a really nice vanilla smelling lip balm. Same price as Anna Sui, well worth the change!

Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15



1. popartgirl - February 6, 2009

i have such small eyes that i think i won’t have any ‘whites’ left after I plop in those contacts…

2. Ash - February 8, 2009

Haha it’s ok.when that happens somebody will beam you up!

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