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My heart draws a dream February 3, 2009

Posted by ash in about Friends, about Memories & Reflections.

Whatever that means. It’s a title from one of Larc’s songs.

The weekend passed eventfully in an uneventful way. The 2nd bout of stomach flu to attack me in January made me miserable for a couple of days last week. By Sat I was still feeling queasy but I was determined not to waste my weekend so me and the bf headed to town. The evening ended with a quarrel (my fault) so my Sat night was spent sulking at home, eating instant noodles while watching more CSI.

I guess I was charcoaled (to borrow a friend’s term, meaning “burnt out”) with all the staying out late, meeting extended families which are not my own, all the way from X’mas eve til now. I need some solitude. I called Abs later that night and we talked for 3 hours straight. It’s comforting to have someone who understands and well, it was fun learning about her potential date, whom we shall affectionately term Mr. T from now, for as long as he is still in the game. (For the people concerned, alert me if I need to delete this!) And there we set our date for Sun, a much needed KTV session and lunch.

KTV was good. Not because we sang our hearts out. On the contrary we didn’t sing much the 3 hours we were there. I learnt about Eason Chan’s songs LOL. I have never heard any of his songs despite hearing much hype and occasionally reading the lyrics on wee’s blog. Hey, he’s quite good!

In return, I introduced Abs to “100种生活” and JJ. Then we just watched Jay Chou’s MTVs in succession because Abs think that one day she will get married to him and live in Taiwan happily ever after. Well, anything is possible ! We also agreed that F.I.R is a cheap copy-cat and unoriginal band who tries to copy Do As Infinity.

Best part of the KTV ? Watching old Lunasea MTVs. All the thrill and excitement of watching Suzigo and Ryuichi 10 years ago came rushing back to us. I feel old! Imagine that 10 years ago I was into visual系、and singing Japlish lines like “Kiss me….in the stormy” and “Do you like it rough?” God. The astonishing thing is that the command of English language of these J-rock singers have not improved a single bit, despite several generation changes.

And so because of this, since yesterday I started pulling out the old Larc and Lunasea stuff. It helped that my mom created the impetus for me to blast these super loud cus she totally pissed me off with her insensitive comments.

This coming weekend is even going to be more eventful uneventfully! I have been blessed with the sacred mission of going to BKK for work on Sunday. 15 hours in the studio again! Mad rushing from BKK to SG and continuous work in the office again! YAY!



1. almoking - February 3, 2009

BKK!!!! OLD Jap KTV!!!! what else did i miss?

2. ash - February 4, 2009

Nothing. Everything written here already.

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