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January 31, 2009

Posted by ash in about Memories & Reflections, about Movies, art & anime!, about Taking random pictures.

I think the reason why my blog seems so dead these days is because I really don’t know how it should look like and subsequently don’t spend any effort making it look nice. Gone are the days whereby I would spend hours just to create one header picture or devise some clever blog name. Gone also are the days whereby I would carry my digicam everywhere and take those pictures which detail the bits and pieces of my daily life. And the quality of my camera (still at 3.2 mega pixels) says so much about how long ago those days were.

Nowadays, I just rely on my handphone cam but even that fails me. The crazy Nokia cable just doesn’t like me and no matter how many photos I take, I can’t transfer them over to my notebook. And no, my notebook does not have bluetooth. Tells you much about the state of my technological progress huh.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I had just recovered from stomach flu and going back to work yesterday was rather draining, so I should have gone into concussion straight away. But no, I couldn’t sleep. Towards 3 am in the morning I drifted off to fitful sleep dreaming strange things about paintings which I did which were discovered in an old classroom and going shopping with Cherly. Peculiar indeed. I woke up this morning feeling strange, can’t describe it. And I know I have said this many times but I can’t seem to find a purpose. Even a simple one, like conscientiously updating your blog and life to friends…cooking dinner for your family etc.

I went to look at some other blogs. These blogs feel alive. It’s like I can sense the author and I can sense the readers. Even if this person does nothing but updates his or her blog all day, it seems like there is more purpose than my life put together.

You know I feel strongly about the Benjamin Button movie. I am touched and intrigued by the idea of ageing backwards. I remember an old Mercedes ad (? Some car) which toyed with the same concept. Imagine gaining knowledge and learning to come to terms with your unattractive appearance over the initial years, slowly overcoming the physical handicap of old age and finally when your mind and body are at its peak, you already amassed enough wisdom to put it to good use. Youth would be more golden than ever and I am certain it would not be squandered. But that would only work if others age the normal way. That’s the bittersweet part of it I guess.

Here I put up the pictures of the Russian dolls which Nigel bought me, that I wasn’t able to put up earlier on. Look, the smallest one is so tiny.


And here’s the picture that I painted in watercolor. I know it looks childish but I still like it.




1. almoking - January 31, 2009

why did the pig have tusk?? so not cute leh….

I can never put so many colors in my drawings, your one is very colorful and nice 😀

2. ash - January 31, 2009

it’s a boar! Or it’s just some imaginary animal.

3. SePPiE - February 1, 2009

Your pic is very pretty! If it were on auction at an art house and I have $ I’ll buy it 😛

4. ash - February 2, 2009

I can paint 1 for your birthday if you like 🙂
Still half a yr to go haha still got time!

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