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January 16, 2009

Posted by ash in Bimbotic biz, Fashion, beauty & health.

It’s Friday today finally. 1.5 hours more before I get off work. I am the happiest at this time every week, that’s how much job satisfaction I get.

Slept at 2.30 am yesterday, rediscovered the joys of an old game and was at it the whole night. Before that I was teaching my dad how to use a Nokia phone. I can’t imagine myself growing old next time and being overtaken by all these technology. It’s a frightening thought.

Thanks to all those people who left messages on my facebook. (Although only 1 reads this blog I think). Don’t worry (?), I am not getting married anytime soon. LOL

I was surfing Victoria Secrets site the entire day. To me, sale is only sale when it’s USD 20 and below. Me is poor. Anyway, some pieces I lusted after were already out, my colleague and I pooled together some flannel sleep pants and camis. She will calculate the shipping haha.

I got the painting which was framed. Wow, really big. My painting looks minute inside. The guy at the frame shop was really cute.



1. almoking - January 18, 2009

get married fast, haha

2. Ash - January 18, 2009

Not so easy la. Not too hopeful at this moment

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