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October 22, 2008

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The Vienna Boys Choir concert! I finally went this year. Apart from the ceaseless coughing by the people around me, the bloody kid who kept on kicking her legs around and the poser couple who talked throughout the concert, I thought the concert was quite enjoyable. I vow to get more expensive tickets next time, so that I can avoid the families and their kids.

I marvelled at the Sops when they did “O Fortuna”, that is one of my fave pieces. The soloist was good, I could not see his face because I had cheap tickets.

A little disappointed that they didn’t sing the Japanese folksong 赤とんぼ (Red Dragonfly?), because they sang that in Tokyo’s Asakusa when they went to Japan. I remember watching that on a TV show. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Russian folksong “Kalinka” and their rendition of the Korean love song “Arirang”. Their attempt to sing the Chinese song 茉莉花 is applaudable indeed, although I could not make out anything they were singing after the opening line.

In any case, this is only my 3rd concert experience at Esplanade. Ignorant me. The first 2 were for Madame Butterfly and Tang Quartet. But I cannot be more ignorant than my boss, who said “What? Vietnam boys choir?!” when I told him I was going for the concert. And ignorant he is indeed, for I realised that whatever knowledge he possesses now comes only from his 10 yrs of advertising experience, his confidence a result of his arrogance (vice versa possible) and apart from all these, he is just one shallow Japanese man.

Last Friday I broke down at work. I felt he forced me to the brink again with his crazy mood swings. He said I was inefficient, and pointed out curtly that my rival was doing much better than me. The very same afternoon, he had said that I deserve a little sympathy because people always compare me to my rival. That same evening, he did what he said. I would feel much better if he is mean all the way, then I could ignore him. But it is the crazy mood swings I can’t tolerate. I don’t know when he would snap, when he would suddenly become a pushy slave driver and when he would suddenly soften and ask me “are you okay?”

Seeing that the ads I was in charge of are (going to be) a big flop, the Press Conference this weekend calls for immense concentration. I pray (to whoever that is up there) for the success of it, and hope that I don’t die halfway due to stress.




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