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October 10, 2008

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Update Post

Question: What would you wear to a Mafia-themed D&D?

Sigh. It’s easy for guys. Just wear black suits for the Godfather style or the yukata for Japanese yakuza. What can a girl like me wear? (Bear in mind I am not slim) I mean if I had a black kimono, I could go as a yakuza female boss, like Lucy Liu in KillBill (only she was wearing white and had a katana). Any ideas? I am vexed.

Lucy Liu as Yakuza

Lucy Liu as Yakuza

***********         *************

D-day has finally come. I tipped the weighing scale at 60 kgs. First time ever in my whole life.

I don’t know if I should blame myself, blame the pill, blame situational factors or blame the society. Can I blame them all? I can blame myself for pigging, for not being positive enough so that my hormones went haywire and the acne came out in torrents. I can blame the bastard for causing me so much heartache and subsequently causing me to feel so upset about how I look now. I can blame society for perpetuating the “skinny is beautiful”  image and blame clothes manufacturers for making smaller and smaller clothes. But I guess, I will just choose to blame myself this time. For being complacent, weak and unconfident.

My boss keeps on kicking a big fuss about how my rival colleague looks like Kuroki Meisa. (Okinawa model in Japan) I do see the resemblance, and to top up everything, my rival  colleague is half Okinawan. (I only got to know it yesterday!) No wonder she understands what we are saying, although she never speaks it herself. I thank Amuro Namie, Nirai Kanai restaurant (@ Tanglin), the song shima uta and sanshin for firmly rooting my liking for Okinawa before I met her and saw Kuroki Meisa. If it’s not for the fact that I already love Okinawa to bits, I would have felt biased against the place just because of my her. How childish. 

4 biz trips in the next 2 weeks, all to the same miserable place.

我要加油! Errr…maybe I don’t need the oil.



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