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October 9, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

I had wanted to write a post which talks about the very thin line between sticking to your principles and having some flexibility at times. Unfortunately the crazy food intake during lunch has rendered me too overloaded, lazy and sleepy to write about this kind of “who is right and who is wrong” topic.

Salted fish fried rice, hot-plate Tofu and the 記得吃 mango paste with pomelo dessert at Liang Seah street. My afternoon is completed and I am ready to drift off to zzz. Frankly, I prefer the other shop’s mango dessert. I don’t know the name, it’s the one opposite 記得吃. But whatever it is, I still like the plain colored glutinous rice balls cooked in sweet ginger soup. I couldn’t eat those as I only had 10 mins for dessert, didn’t wanna choke myself.

This week is a week of mixed feelings. I am back to the reflect-my-week thing which I did when I was under tremendous pressure in the previous job. Maybe it’s a sign that I am under pressure again. I should be doing this on Sun really but anyway..


My boss announced (in private) his plans to return to Japan next year. This is bad. It means someone new is coming (loads of uncertainties) or it means either me or “sweet” missy takes on more responsibilities. And new boss frm JPN means he would know shit about local welfare, corporate culture etc. (i.e. my salary won’t see any increase) Fell off the board 3 times and nearly sprained my ankle during step aero. 1st session in 2 months, very exhausting indeed.


Carpark in my area was in a state of burning inferno as 52 bikes were burnt. Videos on STOMP. I went into Kate Spade and saw fabulous autumn bags. (which leads to the next thing) Thereafter, I lost 1 night of sleep feeling guilty about causing a salesgirl a scolding from the management or even, risk of losing her job. That was the thing I wanted to write about, principles vs/. flexibility. And congratulations, I cannot step into the Kate Spade in Raffles City for a long time to come seeing that I cooked up such trouble. Takashimaya it is then. Or it might as well be, it’s not like I have $ to splurge on KS any moment now. My financial situation is as bad as the stock market situation.


Feeling immensely guilty about not running for weeks. Wanted to run but gave in to temptation of having clam chowder at Soup Spoon, resulting in a bloated stomach. Further degenerated by spending 40 mins in DIVA trying on accessories and putting them back. Cabbed home (!) Cab fare goes past 100 dollars this month. Naughty me.


Late for work. Cabbed again. Wanted to puke on cab due to driver’s lousy driving. Ate too much. NOW feeling sleepy.



1. almoking - October 9, 2008

still rem the time you take cabs to your school when you are in Japan, haha…bring back memories….

2. gamp - October 9, 2008

principles vs flexibility – how interesting that guilt can inspire such deep thoughts but I wonder whom you speak of when you refer to them. As I see it, every person and every retailer goes by their own set of principles – personal or business. To bend it, to break a rule or principle is essentially to be flexible, overly trusting, careless, sometimes even stupid. I reckon you will always have the authority to enter any store you wish to call on. No one has the right to stop you. Regardless of your own set of principles, it’s good to remember that others go by their own code of conduct (whether commonsensical or not) as well and one should not take advantage of a situation whereby principles have been forgotten or neglected. At the end of the day, privacy is something that must be respected.

3. ash - October 10, 2008

Almoking: I found (or rather, my mom sifted it out after turning my old cupboards upside down) a picture of us during my convo. You were a passer-by at the event and we just took a photo together like that. Both of us were not looking at the camera, it’s a funny photo now that I look at it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you. Regardless of my own set of principles, it’s essential that I understand that others go by their own code of conduct. Which is the reason why I didn’t seek to dispute further. After some consideration, I understood the viewpoints from each party. Mine, the sales person as well as the ones whose trust & confidentiality were compromised. However, I did fault myself for being too busybody in poking my nose into other ppl’s affairs. If I hadn’t done so, none of this would have happened. But then again, as a customer, I had a right to pose a question to the sales staff. It was her way of handling the situation that was the problem, that I reckon. In any case, the cute guy in Agnes B next door is enough to deterr me from entering KS for a while.

4. gamp - October 10, 2008

it’s cool that you’re level-headed about it now. and not everyone can be so understanding. maybe sometimes you gotta think about your question before asking it as well. coming from retail, i firmly believe the customer is never always right. tht’s just total bollocks. all sides have gotta be careful and mature about it. no matter though. we’re all wally brains now and again. out.

5. almoking - October 12, 2008

that is the one and only photo we took together, better keep it well and frame it up!!! haha 😛

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