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Bananas in the spotlight October 2, 2008

Posted by ash in Fashion, beauty & health.

Did you eat a banana this morning? 

If you did, you can pride yourself for being luckier than the banana importer in Japan or the average Japanese female consumer. Japanese sellers of bananas are now facing a shortage of the fruit and screaming for a break all because of a book, titled the”Banana Diet” written by Watanabe Jin (?).

                                Author Watanabe, together with his pharmacist wife, went on a “banana diet” and managed to lose weight without rebound, thereby prompting them to share this success with the rest of the nation. The book has caused Japanese girls to go crazy over bananas and total demand increased by 123% in July and 136% in August.

The last time that such a phenomenon happened was when they touted the infamous fermented beans “Natto” as a catalyst for calorie burning. Boxes and boxes of natto were swept off the supermarket shelves within hours. This craze went on for some time until it was discovered that the TV station which produced the programme fabricated the research results they showed in order to make for interesting TV content.

For the banana diet however, it was first introduced in a Japanese infotainment programme and Japanese girls, who are constantly obsessed with dieting and learning new health and beauty tips were quick catch on this new method. 70,000 copies have shifted since the book’s initial launch. The dieting method, allowed even chubby actress Fukada Kyoko to lose 12 kgs. (Fukada is famous for failing every dieting method other female celebrities use due to her love for eating)

What makes this diet more tempting is its easy execution. All you have to do is eat 1 banana every morning. While eating the banana, take sips of warm water in between. Voila! That’s it. You could have your normal lunch and even a snack at 3 pm, as long as you stay away from fried and high calorie foods. How marvellous. Girls have reported losing 2 kgs in just 3 weeks. Not bad for a diet which does not require any physical exertion or enduring hunger pangs.

I first came across this diet in a Jap magazine. They recommended another diet besides the banana diet, 1 called the cabbage diet. Much as I hate bananas and all fruits with repetitive syllabus (ie. papaya), I would gladly take the banana over cabbage anytime. The cabbage diet requires you to eat strips of raw cabbage for dinner everyday. I might as well live in a monastery!

Typical of me though, I gave up on the banana diet after just 1.5 weeks. It’s not that I have no strong desire to lose weight, but it’s just that stuffing a banana into your bag somehow makes it seem squishy and dirty, even if you put it into a plastic bag.

But the major reason is because the banana diet will only work if you do not take caffeinated drinks in the morning. That is a big NO-NO for me! I need to have my morning tea! Take away my morning tea and I feel incomplete and lost. Almost like I have not gone through the ceremony of starting the day.

So, if you can endure not having tea or coffee in the morning, love bananas and need to lose weight, why not try the banana diet? Since bananas are aplenty here anyway, LOL.



1. Cynthia - October 2, 2008

Hey Ash, funny post. 知らなかった。There’s a solution to the squishy banana problem though. I’ve seen someone bought a banana case as a gift. Think it’s popular among 小学生! As for not being able to go through the day without your morning tea, herbal tea or 玄米 without any 緑茶 might be a good substitute! 🙂 I’ll bear this banana diet in mind in case I need it after surviving winter!

2. ash - October 3, 2008

Cynthiaはダイエットいらないよ!You are always the slim and pretty girl I know, no need for banana diet!
I laughed at the banana case though, trust the Japs to come up with all kinds of solutions for daily problems. Oh ya, 玄米茶 might be a g ood substitute huh….will keep that in mind. In the event (highly unlikely) that I decide to go back to the diet. Anyway, I just ate 2 curry puffs for breakfast, what diet?!

3. wee - October 3, 2008

omg, i found a 知音! hahaha.
i absolutely hate bananas and papayas! i’m allergic to them, i can’t even LOOK at them properly without feeling like puking. most of my friends find my ‘allergy’ to fruits with repetitive syllabus weird but i really don’t understand how/why anyone can stand these fruits.
i’d rather chew raw cabbage anytime though. hahaha.

4. ash - October 3, 2008

Wee, is it?! Ya I mean especially, papayas! I told people papaya got toilet smell, I mean the sight of papayas and the ugly seeds is enough to make me shudder, what’s more touch it and get the toilet smell on your fingers.
My dad used to force me to eat papayas, it was such a traumatic childhood experience! I really can understand what loathing u have for the repetitive syllabus fruits haha. Btw, is there any other fruits with repetitive syllabus besides these 2?

5. wee - October 3, 2008

hahahaha yes i think it’s a 童年阴影 for me too!

we used to stay with my grandma in a semi-d, and we have papaya trees in the backyard lor. unlimited supply of papayas, and my mom would force us to eat it.
that day, the bf’s dad (on one of my very very rare visits to his place) gave me half a papaya and told me to finish it. i nearly ran out of his house. haha. the bf had to finish a whole papaya by himself that day. hee.

there’s coconut as well! i dont really like it too. 😛

6. Cynthia - October 3, 2008

Haha. You’ve just never seen me when I was very chubby. I have witness of that! And for some reason, my face puffs up in winter. ヤバい、、、I look horrible in photos.

I love 玄米茶!Now I take it before I go to sleep as well as it doesn’t contain caffeine. Caffeine gives me insomnia!

It’s good to have a substantial breakfast – gives you energy to go through the challenges of each day! Mmmmm…curry puff!

7. ash - October 6, 2008

Wee: Hey, I didn’t think of coconut!
I am fine with the fresh fruit, juice and pulp, but don’t make me eat any coconut related stuff!
Does your bf’s dad remember your name? Did he say 那個誰啊。。。

Cynthia: Dont worry! Everyone looks like a meat bun during winter. When I was in Sendai, I was a complete 丸顔, even the teacher beside me said 春はすぐ来るから、アシュリーは早くやせたほうがいいよ!when spring approachin and I still looked like a ba zhang haha..

8. Cynthia - October 6, 2008

Hah….who says 日本人 are tactful? I say NOT! I wonder if it’s better to look like a tan yuan or ba zhang…..:0

9. ash - October 7, 2008

Yes. Only Americans think Japanese are tactful because they are the only ones who can outdo the Japs in terms of tactlessness.
Tang yuan is cuter what!

10. wee - October 11, 2008

haha. nope, this time i didnt even get to be called 那個誰啊..
it was just 吃木瓜.

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