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August 31, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

Everyday I am working towards being an Indonesian PR. This week, my record was 4 days in Jakarta, including half a Saturday working and the rest of the day stuck in a traffic jam on the way to airport and subsequently being in a plane back to SG.

Say hi to stressed out skin and late dinners (which I would rather call supper). Imagine still being at the ad agency at 11 pm, and not having anything to eat. Calling for room service at midnight and proceeding to check emails. It was a crazy work week. I know people caught me updating facebook endlessly LOL, but that was only because the darn VPN wldn’t work in my ad agency, and I often have to start checking office emails from 11 pm after I go back to the hotel.

But still, I felt I had a constructive week.

I enjoyed my Saturday at work. We shot the new Indonesia TVC and I was on location for the first time. But seeing that I slept at 2 am the previous night and had to wake up at 5 am the next morning, it was a feat for me. Ad shooting is interesting. You could see the celebrity, see the make up artist and see how the production crew do certain things like create false rain, create false set etc. This is where you realise how lucky you are to be the paying customer. As the rest of the production crew toiled under the hot morning sun, I was seated in a tent watching the filming from a TV connected to the cam. Not that it wasnt hot in the tent though, it was! But at least I had a sort of fan and even someone to do foot reflexology for me, ha! My ad partner informs me that this is common practice. It’s to prevent the non-production crew from falling asleep out of boredom while waiting for them to shoot repetitive frames. Some of the better production houses even provide manicure and pedicure services. Wah! How come they don’t have it this time huh?

I also got the chance to stay at the Ritz Carlton for 1 night. The bathroom was bigger than my living room in SG. There were like 10 towels in all and all shower products were by Blvgari. Sigh, I know I am very sua ku, but still it was like wah…..

Anyway, my skin is protesting again. I wish there is 1 week I can stay in Singapore proper. Next week it is off to Jakarta again and next next week it is Malaysia and Bangkok. I don’t mind going to these places, there are things to be seen and learnt. But when I am on these business trips, I hardly have time of my own. Even evenings and nights have to spent with my ad partners, it is protocol to have dinners with them. (the japanese) And need I say again that these dinners begin at 930 pm? I think it would be a real torture during the BKK trip, just the thought of not being able to even shop is enough to drive me mad.

I should be resting at home today but seeing how I spent my entire week working, I decided I need to get out and walk around to regain my sanity. And so it was KTV and starbucks with Jess. Some creep broke my starbucks mug in the office and I wanted to get another one. Now they have this cute design for fall, Jess bought it for me, yay! Muaks! Thanks my dear!

And in an unprecedented move, I bought 2 non-fiction books at the airport bookstore yesterday night. One is Sun Tsu’s “Art of War” and the other is “Persuasion” by James Borg. Cost me 50 bucks, but I feel the increasing need to learn some strategies and better equip myself to face office politics and my rival at work. Just the other day, my rival was reading “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Tsk tsk, I must work harder. Can’t be reading Murakami only all the time! Surrealistic themes and dysfunctionality have no place at work. I must upgrade!

Ok, so I am now off to read the 1st chapter of 始計篇 – 滅吳之戰. Good night!



1. yAnn - September 1, 2008

Yay good to know that things are looking good on the job front!

2. ash - September 2, 2008

Hi hi, yes it is going all right for now. But I am really quite exhausted.
I need to do a sleeping beauty thingy soon.

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