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August 4, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

It’s Jakarta tomorrow today again. Sigh.

6 days into Diane35 and I am feeling a little water retention. There is no obvious weight increase yet but I feel ravenously hungry all the time. This is really bad. The acne is still popping out like crazy but I guess that is what everyone has been telling me about. Purge, heal and clear. I suppose another 3 months wait is inevitable, I just hope I don’t become a fat bloatie by then.

Jo is back from Japan and didnt disappoint me. She brought back my Amuro CD + DVD together with a B5 poster. Muaks! I love Jo. She actually said that she wants me to have it as my birthday present when I offered to pay for it…sigh. Very nice of her.

I had 16 dollars left in my Borders card and I finally decided to get the 1 Murakami book which I don’t already have: The Elephant Vanishes and other stories. With this, I announce the completion of my Murakami collection and a little Murakami library. Next, I shall get all the Japanese versions.



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