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July 29, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

Found a birthday card on my table this morning. How sweet of Jo. She had left it there last evening. We were going home when she suddenly said she forgot something in the office and went back. I realised this morning that she had gone back to put the card on my table. It really was a pleasant surprise, she was gonna fly to Japan this morning and I didn’t even expect her to do anything. After all, I only spent 1 month here. But Jo is like my only friend in the company so I was really happy.

Met up with Jess and Kat. You know you are ageing when birthdays no longer mean that it should be celebrated in a posh or special restaurant. And it no longer means you have to start planning 1 week before and crack your head over what day you should allocate to which friend. Or does it mean that I no longer have many friends? LOL

Had Macdonalds Big Mac meal with loads of fries, mayonaise and lemon tea. Since last Thursday in Jakarta, I bade farewell to the 1500 kcal plan. It’s hard to keep. I have been shooting over by at least 500 kcal everyday for 5 days now. Never mind, run ashley run! That’s what my ex-manager said during dinner last Saturday. He told me とにかく、走る!Meaning whatever it is, just run. He had lost 6 kilos from running 4 times per week.

I decided to take the plunge and start on Diane35. I guess curbing the acne is the more important issue on hand now. It’s going to be difficult if there is severe weight gain, but I will try to control the weight gain by watching what I eat and squeezing in time to run. The pill is so damn bloody small I had to look all over the room when I dropped it on the floor just now.

27. Does it make a difference really.



1. wee - July 30, 2008

happy birthday dear! 🙂

weight gain sucks (i really know), but like you said, the impt thing is to solve the more pressing issue at hand.
i am also working hard to keep the weight in control! you have a companion, that’s me!

2. ash - July 30, 2008

Wee: I believe you know! I think no one knows better than the 経験者。Yeah, I just hope I don’t balloon into Chen Liping or something. Crossing fingers.
And thanks for the birthday wish!

3. SePPiE - July 30, 2008

Happy birthday babe…did you change your hp number? I sent u a bdae sms but didn’t get any reply so was wondering…anyhows..hope u had a good one today! Hugsss!! 🙂

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