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Ageing without grace July 28, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

I am really getting old. Just 2 days of going out during the weekend made me feel so tired and lack of energy today that I was struggling to keep my eyes open during the many meetings which took place.

But Sun was fun! Went to Kbox with Jess and Cherly and indulged in Faye Wong marathon. Sigh, Faye is still the best. I think we inserted as many as 30 Faye Wong songs and sang non stop.

Later we decided to go for a movie, Cherly hasn’t watched 赤壁 yet, so we went for the show. It’s my second viewing! Totally didn’t mind, I love the show! While Jess and Cher were lusting after Takeshi Kaneshiro, I only had eyes for Tony Leung. A pity that he was paired with Lin Chi Ling. After watching the movie 2 times, I can safely conclude that even the war horses had better acting skills than Lin Chi Ling. We were all frothing with disgust when she said the “Mengmeng, stand up!” line. It was terrible. And since Jess had this crazy obsession with Guan Yu, I suggested she make a trip to any Hongkong police station, she can easily find him there. LOL

Busy work week again, I need to buck up!

But for now, I am sleepeeee



1. Mrs Kaneshiro - August 2, 2008

*Gomene Hubby, demo ne!* Guan Yu!!! Wo Ai Ni!!! kekekeke!! Need not go to Hongkong now dear… rem we saw Guan Yu’s statue in that Tian Jin Guan! ahhaha!!

2. ash - August 3, 2008

Mrs Kaneshiro! So thick-skinned. *faints*

3. Mrs Kaneshiro - August 3, 2008

huh? U meant I’m not Mrs Kaneshiro all these while??? I’ve been illusionism all these while? Ohhhhhhhh No!!!! no!!!!!!!!!!!! ARghhhh!!!

4. popartgirl - August 4, 2008

OMG, I feel the same way as you about Miss Xiao Qiao! When she was bandaging Tony Leung after he got pierced by the sword, all I could think of was that this is how sick nurse fetishes come about. SHE”S SO BLOODY DAMN IRRITATING! AInd I don’t even find her good-looking. I snorted and thrashed about in my seat with disgust so many times my friend almost decided he didn’t want to watch movie with me again…

5. ash - August 4, 2008

Popartgirl: Haha yes! She is so bloody irritating right! Yes, I writhed in agony and nearly died when she started the deliberate slow attempt to bandage Tony Leung. I can’t imagine seeing her again in the second installment. Never mind, I will just concentrate on Tony Leung haha.

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