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A series of unfortunate events July 16, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

This week was bad.

(1) Finally managed to take 2 hours to visit the skin clinic, I was told that I had successfully disfigured myself by scratching and squeezing the acne on my forehead unnecessarily. According to the hateful doctor, these scars are permanent and I would have to live with red and black splotches on my forehead. “Either they never heal, or it takes a year” Her attitude was terrible and I shall try to be neutral and not attribute her nasty behavior to her race.

(2) Slimming down plan is going nowhere with the series of business dinners and lunches this week. Just today I ate every bit of the chicken rice at Chatterbox. 21 dollars for local fare! Crazy.

(3) The new girl came for a few days recently. Just 1 day with her irritated the shit out of me. I wonder how I am going to work with her in future. She is definitely a rival.

(4) Still upset with the scars. Very broke, and I have to go to Indonesia again next week. I seriously regretted scratching at the scabs and plucking at the acne. Now I am disfigured.

Bah, just when I thought things cannot get any worse.



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