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July 9, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

My boss is back and my emails are coming in. My colleague (who was with him during the biz trip) informs me that one of his favorite lines during the 2 days away was “I wonder if Ashley is working right now?” Wow, I blew my cover in less than 2 weeks, he can already tell that I am a loafing pimply panda! Haha.

Very random, but I dropped my Paul and Joe mirror in the bus. Sigh.

Amuro’s new album is gonna be released on my bdae. First present this year, yay. I psycho’ed my colleague to help get it for me during her biz trip to Tokyo that same day too! She is like my only friend here. The rest of them, I don’t even know their names LOL.

I am forever waiting for something. Now I m waiting for :

  • My painful and malicious acne to subside
  • My retarded hair to grow longer (I have been talking abt the plan to grow it as long as Amuro forever)
  • Change in hairstyle
  • Pay day. I am so dead
  • Weight loss (I don’t want to hit 60 boo hoo)
  • Red heels
  • New wallet
  • A better me

I am sleepeeee, call an ambulance.



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