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July 8, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

It’s going to be a long long day today. I have been willing the time to move since 830 am and now it’s only 11. God, 1.5 hrs more to lunch break and after that 4 more hours of work. The boss is not here today, so are the rest of the people sitting in my area. All of them are in KL to attend the annual meeting. Without my boss sitting in front of his com here, I get cc:ed at least 50 times less than usual, so I am not experiencing the usual email flooding.

I can’t officially loaf for the open concept of Japanese companies forbid you to do so. Everyone behind me can see my screen, and now I have fitted this wordpress window into the lotus notes so (hopefully) it would seem like I am typing an email. HA HA. Not very ingenious I know. And I actually do have tonnes of materials to read up on, just that I am not studious enough.

I thought I will try a little “heal yourself with an imagery” exercise. The imagery I have selected for myself is a phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn and stronger than ever. I want to think that I can be that phoenix. But right now, I am still a pimply panda. Good thing is, I have started on plans for metamorphosis. That begins with a facial appointment this evening, it’s not up to me to battle with the volcanic bumps, I will leave that to the salon person. And hopefully, these stubborn pus-filled bitchy acne won’t resurrect again. I am so tired of them, it’s been months. I want to practice a little social responsibility and stop going out to scare people.

Oh no emails are flooding in again and Pimply panda needs to go for lunch now. Ciao.



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