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Too random to read June 26, 2008

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

Yep, as the title suggests. Read it only if you are really bored.

Carrying on with the KS fever, I took this picture of our (abby and mine) KS bags. That’s Ab’s canaan small malcolm with the lovely Coach keychain and my stevie below. She insisted that she couldnt find the model anywhere on the KS website, I couldn’t too. My conclusion is, “It can never be found because Malcolm always disappears”. ROFL. Inside joke.

So, my forehead is still volcano land. It’s a sea of pus-filled acne and scars. Very terrible to look at and worse if you are me. I wonder why this has to happen. Puberty for the second time without any increase in breast size cannot be considered worthwhile. I have taken to avoiding mirrors. And to support my consistent whining of being fat, my health check at the clinic this morning proved it. I am 2 kgs away from hitting 60. This is dangerous. I have never hit 60 in my life before, and I have no wish to…but at this rate , I may just have to start wearing size 14 from Topshop.

The heart-break affair, well that is settled for the moment. Not expecting miracles but just a silent hope for things to be better.

Everyone has nice photos on their facebook. I am insanely jealous that everyone looks fabulous. Me? I continue to be a subject overwhelmed by existential angst.

2 days into the new job and I am already feeling apprehensive. Sure, the job scope is interesting and dynamic but I am afraid I can’t perform. Especially disappointed by the news that another newbie is coming and she is supposedly much more aggressive and able than I am. Again, struck by fear of numbers. I don’t think I can handle advertising budget allocation when I can’t even tell that a million is a million or 100 million is not equal to a billion. They all just look like 1 stick and many eggs to me.

I also need a decent passport cover. Little Twin Stars passport cover is absolutely out when my boss wears Tiffany cufflinks and a super nice U-boat watch. Well, not that they are crazily expensive, but at least he is stylish enough. I cannot go flashing the LTS, it is too embarassing. I might get the Agnes B or if Abs helps, I will get faux LV or whatsoever, anything is better than LTS. Even Topo and Fur were laughing during the batam trip.

Speaking of which, this U-boat Flightdeck ABO is really nice! Can someone buy it so that I can stare at it all day or even better, buy it for me. Many women wear male watch models these days anyway. If you have about $2695 to spare that is.

I have blabbered enough. Going off to seek solace in Murakami now. Just bought After Dark. (after so many months!) I had a hard time trying to finish that Willows book, the stories were just not very captivating. BUT, I just discovered that one of the stories “Tony Takitani” actually has a movie. You can watch the trailers here. The official website is here. Apparently the movie was released back in 2005, I had absolutely no idea. If I knew I would have tried renting it when I was in Japan, it would be difficult to find it out of the country I guess. I thought this was one of the better stories in the Willows book really, I sort of liked the idea of finding a job whereby you are just supposed to wear all the gorgeous clothes that some dead woman left behind.

After Dark to me however is the usual addictive Murakami feed. I started yesterday morning on the train and even though I did not manage to touch it again until yesterday night, I have less than 1/4 of the book left, gonna finish it up. Wanna find out the mystery behind the Asai Eri girl.



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