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Clash of the Extraterrestrial Beings June 17, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

So I am guilty of facestalking the fella. I just wanted to see if he had deleted me off his facebook list.  To my relief, he hasn’t and as a “by the way” thing, the informative status update told me more than I needed to know.

First, he updated his status tagline only 5 hours ago.

So, the cutting edge busy man who is running several projects simultaneously and who claims that he has no time to even eat properly, has time to update his facebook status but no time to drop me a text message to find out if I already died. That’s a revelation.

Then, the tagline read something like him saying he may be a true Martian. Fantastic. This means that he is never giving in to the true Venusian here. Because the Martians as we all know, are insensitive and at times incorrigible. If he is flaunting his Martian label, then most likely he thinks he is right and that there is no need to contact a Venusian whom he dismisses as one who is throwing a tantrum.

Thanks to the facestalking, my feelings towards this matter has successfully been escalated from only sadness to a boiling mixture of incredulity, anger and well, sadness.

Am I really so easily dispensable from his life? Of course, this rhetoric is based on the presumption that I was IN his life in the first place. Ha!

And I am sorry, but the childishness in me is screaming at me this very moment. It says “You have to f’ing get a better profile picture than him!!”




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