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June 17, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

Feeling down is never a good thing. Apart from the mental torment, the course of action that results is also extremely detrimental to one’s pocket. I am ashamed pleased to announce the aquisition of my 3rd KS bag. The second one this month. I am really really broke. It’s the store’s fault. They put out a new batch of items for sale, and the Narragansett flat serena I was eyeing months ago was one of them. That time the one in caramel caught my eye but this time I thought the red was too attractive to resist. The problem with busting money on the Stevie is that there is no reason to let slip the Serena, which is 30% lesser now!

Never ask the salesgirl how long the sale would last. Answers like “While stocks last” never provides you with logic and rationality to contemplate the potential purchase. And never ask Abby, she would highlight things like “Look, the brown one’s not here anymore! It was here a while ago!” This acute observation amplifies every bit of the “While stocks last” foreboding warning. Plus, our dear girl is already carrying the green&white striped paper bag which contains her purchase 2 hours ago. (No wonder the salesgirl treated us like family, she walked us to the door and waved goodbye to us happily at the end of it all)

The fondness I felt for the Serena was identical to the Stevie. I kept holding the bag in my hands, opening and closing it, slinging it over my arm, turning it from side to side and marvelling at the polka-dotted insides. After performing a 5 minute soliloquy consisting of only the repeated utterance of “Should I buy it?”, I gave in to temptation. Heck! It’s the sale and I am SO going to stop buying things after this last purchase. I promise! I know I will keep my promise because if I don’t, it only means I will end up blogging from jail.

So there you have it. My decadent bag in the city episode. But still! I love Kate Spade!



1. abby - June 18, 2008

its a lovely bag!
now we all have KS bags with polka dot linings (ok I mean ME)!

2. ash - June 18, 2008

Ya both are polka dotted!
the tote has a black pin striped lining though.

3. yAnn - June 18, 2008

Haha! I adore KS too….but cannot spend too much money liao. Must show me your Stevie and Serena and whatever else you bought.

4. ash - June 19, 2008

Ok dokes!
You can find me in Botanical Gardens carrying the Kate Spade and eating grass, I no longer have any $ for meals.

5. ~y~ - June 20, 2008

I succumbed and got the messenger because there was a further 20% discount!

6. ash - June 21, 2008

You did?! Good for you, it’s a nice messenger! and bad for me, I sld have checked out the website first, damn !

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