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February 11, 2008

Posted by ash in about Friends.

Today I met up with CH, who just came back from Taiwan on a vacation. It’s been three years since I last saw him and I couldn’t wait to meet him and hear his exciting stories about the colorful world he lives in.

His uncle’s film was competing in the Venice Film Festival last year so he tagged along together with the rest of the crew. I cannot even begin to visualise myself living a life as hectic or as exciting as his: from mundane tasks like budgeting to more challenging tasks like facing the media, being the translator and alas, meeting all sorts of people in the movie industry. Imagine seeing Johnny Depp in the gondola next to you, or spotting a troubled Heath Ledger after he lost his baggage at the airport! (I think the news of his death would mean more to someone who has actually seen him in real last year) How surreal all these must be…and how exciting that is, to an ordinary girl like me.

The afternoon was really enjoyable. We talked for hours, covering everything from my relationship problems to his relationship problems…jumped to talk about Christopher Doyle’s cinematography and even Kurosawa’s films. I didn’t know Rashomon can be used as an adjective. Maybe I am ignorant but I find I always learn new things by talking to CH. It was interesting to hear in detail about color calibration, how different effects can be achieved by using positive film and negative film…I don’t know anything about film making and all these things really opened the door to a whole new world. It’s been a long time since I have had such a fulfilling conversation with someone.

I thought it’s sad that in the 3 hours I talked to CH, I confided in him more than I ever did to [       ] in 3 months. Perhaps more evaluation is needed.

Thank you CH for listening to me. You really are a great friend to have. Let’s meet again when you come back. While you work at Le Louvre, I will try my best to be a happier and fitter person. Til then.



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