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January 21, 2008

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

After much wiki’ing and googling, I can only conclude that I am suffering from the early stages of temporomandibular joint disorder,  more commonly known as TMJ disorder.

I confirmed the fact with an aquaintance from work who is currently spotting braces (and will be for the following next 3 years) and after that, scheduled to go through a long and painful process of reconstructive jaw dentistry.

This thing is driving me crazy, making me frustrated and worried. Everytime I open my mouth I hear the click-clocking noises of the joints, indicating the sliding of the bone. Sometimes I can’t open my mouth fully. When that happens, even biting a thin slice of apple causes the click-clocking.

“The dysfunction involved is most often in regards to the relationship between the condyle of the mandible and the disc. The sounds produced by this dysfunction are usually described as a “click” or “pop” when a single sound is heard and as “crepitation” when there are multiple rough sounds.”

I am intending to go for consultation at the dentist soon and if it’s going to get any worse, probably they will refer me to a specialist. I hope that never happens because I can imagine the amount of money blown away. I called Mount E this morning actually, costs estimated to be around 200 bucks for consultation plus 3 X-rays at 110 bucks per X-ray. God.

That aquaintance who is undergoing the braces process, he told me his own problem started with the click-clocking of his jaws also. He paid no attention to it and many years later, he has to shell out 20~30k on the jaw reconstruction.


Sigh, why do these kind of things always happen to me.



1. wee - January 22, 2008

quite scary eh.. but at least you’re seeking help early!

2. ash - January 22, 2008

Early would be 25th March LOL
I just called the polyclinic dental side, they said that is the earliest date…because I checked in with the National dental centre about the specialist consultation, double the price with no referral letter from Polyclinic…no choice but to wait a while I guess.
For now there is no pain but the thought of my joint misaligning and some disc with a difficult medical name slipping in and out of the joint crevice makes me scared.

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