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January 7, 2008

Posted by ash in about Friends, about Movies, art & anime!, Bimbotic biz.

The weekend flashed past again like that.

On Saturday, I had the most enjoyable time with Abby. It’s been so long since I last felt pure enjoyment and content like this. We went to watch Darjeeling Limited and I love the show. It is funny, refreshing and at times poignant and thought-provoking. It was as though I was embarking on the same journey to seek spiritual enlightenment with the characters. Somehow the vibrant colors and exotic flavor of the country which the film brought out made India a very attractive place indeed. I just couldn’t help but burst out laughing when Adrien Brody said “I love how the people in this country smell”.

After the movie, I hurried to Gramaphone to ask for the soundtrack but was told that it was not in stock. Will go ask another CD store today. 🙂 Seriously, the movie made me wanna throw everything here and just go to India and do a crazy “self-discovery” journey like this. Doesn’t sound too bad when the currency in question is rupees and you get to deck yourself out in pretty sarees and probably eat loads of chillies to burn out all the fat in your system everyday.

It was raining (no men) and Abs and I got stuck eating Billy Bombers. The food was blah and the more blah thing was how I started loading up the carbo again. When we finally managed to get ourselves to PS, it was just admiring shoes in Aldo and deciding if we should both get that white and gold sandals in Charles and Keith. Proud to say, we exercised restraint and lucky that we did, because at our next stop TF where we spent 3 hours, I came out with 2 super good buys. 1 a white shirt which looks like it came off the shelves of Massimo Dutti and a black sleeveless one piece which made me believe I was Audrey Hepburn in that fitting room moment.

Dinner was Long John’s. Sometimes you can have crap dinner after a good day of shopping because no amount of waiting-for-my-fastfood-for-20 minutes-and-in-the-end-he-forgot-about-the-drink kind of happening can dampen your spirits. Woo hoo, positive thinking. Must be the after-effects of the Darjeeling…

At night, I finally made my debut at Ab’s new house. The last time I saw her little sister was when she was 4 years old. Now she is 13. Very freaky. Her puppies are huge, also freaky. Fifi is a darling and Ab’s room is lovely. It’s always an ego boost to see your own picture in somebody else’s room. Now I know how the President feels when he goes anywhere.

Do you think the world needs another shoppaholic series? If they do, I am going to start writing my own story. I am wasting money  fuelling the economy too much. For example, I still contribute to Comfort Delgro, which is a terrible thing to do. All those $ I spent on cabs could have gone into my list of essential things to buy. (1) Contact lenses (2) speakers (3) handphone (4) a proper mouse (5) Hi-fi set

I better stop this. I am blatantly loafing. I need to work.

Till the next wave of crazy Monday blues hit in the later part of the day, it’s goodbye for now.

P.S Finally watched Appleseed. Damn f’ing good. Can’t wait to catch Vexille.



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