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The last of 2007 December 30, 2007

Posted by ash in about Memories & Reflections.

It’s 12:07 am now, 31st December has arrived.

My current state of mind is one filled with bittersweet feelings and confusion. 2008 would signify a new start, one which I am less than excited about. The new year would mean a real life in Singapore, no more Japan.

It is inevitable that I recall the preparations for welcoming 2007 last year in Japan. 31st December was exciting and blissful. I spent the evening deep-frying tempura with the boyfriend and preparing the 年越し soba which Japanese people eat on NYE’s night as a means of welcoming the new year. There was something comforting about having him by my side and when the clock struck 12, we turned and wished each other 開けましておめでとう (Happy New Year). Next morning, all the New Year cards sent out by people before the 25th Dec came neatly in a bundle. In Japan, they make sure you get your New Year cards specially on the first. Reading those postcards made me happy. I remember setting off to the local shrine for Hatsumode, meaning the first temple visit of the year. All these memories…I hold them so dear to my heart, knowing that I can never experience these things again, what’s more with the same person. I feel lonely, not being able to eat mochi for new year, not being part of the Japanese New Year preparations this year, and not being there with him. The reminiscence is all that’s left. With the coming of 2008, these memories would fade slowly and by the end of 2008, I would probably be feeling angry with myself for letting them fade.

What would year 2008 hold for me? I don’t know and I doubt. This has been a trying year for me in all aspects and my guess is, things will not get any easier. I am neither equipped with the will nor the enthusiasm to face challenges…and hence shall not make any New Year resolutions..except the silly one about wanting to be Scarlett Johansson by the 3rd Q of next year.

I realised this year has incidentally been a turning point for many people I know, especially in the romance department. I wish everyone more happiness to come. It’s a blessing to be able to tie the knot with someone you love, not everyone has the chance. Please treasure it.

I also want to thank everyone who has helped me in some way or another during my tough times this year, be it Japan or Singapore. Thank you all.

Was intending to do a recap but realised that things are simply too complicated to recap. If I do a Best and Worst thing, the worst may be too overwhelming…which reminds me, I can’t believe the article in ST this morning which claimed that leggings are one of the worst fashion-comebacks this year. It is ridiculous. Leggings are fashionable and YES, they are meant to wear beneath some dresses to make the outfit nicer. Likewise, wearing them with mini-denims are not ugly. Sigh, maybe I am just not into Singapore fashion.

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone A Happy New Year!



1. yAnn - December 30, 2007

LOL I wanted to laugh when I read the ST article – like, oh just cos you said it’s the worst fashion fad means I should throw out all my colourful leggings?? Don’t worry, there’s still me, I just received four pairs of leggings for Christmas. 😉

I know there can never be another Japanese New Year for you but hopefully, the next Singaporean one will be much, much better for you.

Anyhows, Happy New Year girl and let’s meet again when I have settled down into the job.

2. wee - December 31, 2007

*hugs* happy new year! 🙂

3. ash - December 31, 2007

yann: exactly! It’s not as though ST is the fashion guru or something. They are the ones who have no fashion sense. Tsk. Ok, hope to see you soon ~
It would be good if it’s ard the time I start to morph into Scarlett J. LOL

wee: *hugs* thank you so much for the lunch sessions, really appreciate having someone to talk to. Let’s do it more next year…(tentatively if I am still gonna be working here LOL) Happy New Year 😀

4. Suika - December 31, 2007

Erm…Shinnen Omedeto? Hahahaa!! Be well my dear dear…

5. ash - January 3, 2008

jess: Shinnen Akemashite Omedetou! and erm haha i am saying this on 3rd January, 3 days into the new year.
can’t believe it’s 2008 already.
I will love you more this year k!

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