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10 lessons learnt this snowless Christmas December 26, 2007

Posted by ash in about Memories & Reflections, about Silly talk.

Happy Boxing Day.

I am considering scraping all categories and leaving only “Silly Talk” because talking silly is what I seem to do best. Oh but, I rant very well too so yeah, maybe leaving 2 categories is good enough.

Christmas was …okay. A cross between eventful and uneventful I guess. Like what kind of a description is that…haha. A little disappointment and a little happiness, sounds reasonable? Funny that these 2 feelings come from the same source though.

10 Lessons learnt this snowless Christmas:

(1) Eve is always better than the day itself.

(2) Everyone needs a blood sista. Nothing beats having a soulmate sista to fall back on. Everything. From choosing the right shirt design (ie. the shirt problem), to the shepherd’s pie at Cedele, to the bitching of other (ie. your LOL) gfs to the possibility of buying colored contact lenses…nothing beats having someone who understands. Thank you darling Abby, I heart you. 

(3) Broke up with someone? Never mind. Relationships can be rekindled. Tip: Just go according to your instincts! (note: This lesson learnt by observing others, not me)

(4) Start your x’mas sms’es at around 8 pm on Christmas eve.

(5) Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Sigh. To think I have always been confident of my taste in purchasing gifts.

(6) Extra PR effort is not worth it sometimes. I should learn to shut up more.

(7) No guy can resist Maxim.

(8) I really am insecure.

(9) Don’t buy things before Christmas eve if you have the time to spare on eve to go get it. The sudden discounts are infuriating if you happen to be the idiot who bought the same things 1 week ago.

(10) Lastly the evergreen / cliched / golden quote: No expectations, no disappointments. Why do I never learn?



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