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December 19, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

I apologize to the 2 readers of my blog (I think only 2 people read it now) for my inability to write in intelligent and beautiful prose.

Today I saw and heard several quotes which caused me to start thinking.

One, scrolled back on ~y~ entries and saw

They say once you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, you can’t wait for the rest of your life to start. And that is true, but this ‘rest of your life’ thing also comes with a multitude of responsibilities and some measure of stress.

Why is it that my life is a fast forward? Or should I call it a default setting? Why am I already experiencing the multitude of responsibilities and measure of stress without that someone whom I want to spend the rest of my life with? I feel shortchanged LOL.

And this morning, a colleague said “在这里只做工就好了 不要做Heroine.” Well, the story behind was that in a display of tactlessness, I told the ever-unpopular marcomm person to leave me alone when I was busy. Considering the seemingly positive comments I have received from people around me recently…ie. tactful, PR, politically correct, need to be more assertive…I was almost conned into thinking that moi had gone to heaven and the physical being here now is just a shell.

Sorry to use some singlish here but, politically correct leh! My long-time friends, you ever thought that of me? And please laugh all you want at the “need to be more assertive”. Either I don’t understand myself enough or I have gone through an adult stage of metamorphosis. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am just amused that finally on this day, I am being described by these adjectives which I thought would never be linked to me. So yes, point is I should heed the advice of my colleague and not try to re-live my heroine days.

I am getting increasingly inferior about my lack of knowledge of things, ANYTHING. I mean isn’t it cool to be able to launch straight into gadget talk and throw out new gizmo names especially when you are a girl? I begin to think it’s so cool to be able to know and talk about things in depth like diving, photography, and in ~y~’s case fishes and bonsai, in topo’s case…marathons and triathalons, in wee’s case complex market analysis and in Abby’s case, a whole new career exciting career prospect in property.

I have nothing to talk about. I am only good at talking about how fast the meter is jumping to the taxi-drivers. I can provide them the exact dollar and cent of the normal fare I pay when I travel from point C to point A, point B to point D and subsequently calculate for them how much the increase in taxifare is.

Maybe my inner self has really gone to heaven and the me that is left now is an empty shell vessel.



1. wee - December 21, 2007

you are good in languages! that’s a forte. only 18.9430859345% of the world’s population are good in more than 2 languages.
ok, i made up the number, haha – but my point is – everyone has their own strengths, and you definitely have yours too. 🙂

2. SePPiE - December 21, 2007

No lah not only 2 people read your blog..i read it too..just that i read it without a squeak 😛

3. ash - December 22, 2007

Seppie: My darling you are here! *hugs*
Thank you for your moral support *touched*

wee: That’s why I say you are good at what you do. For a moment, I thought the percentage was real. LOL You funny lah you.

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