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December 18, 2007

Posted by ash in about Friends, about Memories & Reflections, about Silly talk.


1. Sorry mates, only check my gmail during the weekend nowadays because during weekdays I am simply too K.O to do anything after I go home.

2. My status on FB is “attached”. The partner in question is Ms. Abby Lim. It’s a complicated relationship because we are not lesbians but we heart each other so much.

3. Jac and David welcomed their first child on Tuesday night! Congrats and welcome to this world, sweet Elise Carmela Humphries!

In other news

Today I was asked by my predecessor if my favorite past time is throwing up. My reaction was … I never thought that there will be a day whereby I would be perceived as a throwing-up girl, like that girl from Sixth Sense. But of course in her case, she was poisoned by her stepmother. Me? I am poisoned by stress from this job. After a constructive (I would like to think of it this way) discussion with my direct superior, I have decided to go on with this job, at least finish up the probation. As my colleague puts it, for the sake of money, just close one eye.

Talking about money, there have been lots of quarrels with the old woman at home, over what else but $? It’s frustrating, infuriating and vexing to think that my finances and my freedom should still be dictated at this age.

I don’t know whether I should like Christmas or not. All these “I should reward myself because it’s Christmas” and some essential present-buying is burning a hole in my pocket. Besides, deciding what present to get for someone is killing too much of my brain cells.

Recently I have been going back to good ol’ English songs again. Oasis, Muse, Radiohead, Matchbox Twenty…very nostalgic indeed. I even wanna try digging out the Propellerheads and Eminem’s first album, wonder where I dumped those…

This weekend I was pigging out non-stop, doesn’t help that Christmas means lots of log cakes and buffet and social dinners outside.

I have been on this entry for like the past 2 hours, partly because I keep getting distracted by work and yes to be honest by logcakes in the pantry again. It’s strange how your mood can change within minutes, now I am almost feeling blue again.

Yesterday I received a pack of something enclosed in the school envelope from Sendai. It was a pack of Christmas cards which the English Club girls hand-made for me. I was really very touched to know that they still think of me. The 2 years of hard work I put into the club didnt go to waste I think.

Sigh, feeling extremely blue. Isn’t it sad when your emotions rise and fall because of a particular person?



1. wee - December 19, 2007

try to look forward to christmas! and of course, the new year. things would get better. because wee’s fortune-teller-mom said so. πŸ™‚

2. ash - December 19, 2007

HAHA!! You made me laugh out loud (silently) in office with that fortune teller comment. Yeah, I remember you mom’s predictions, all the roosters in the land should start crowing for joy.

3. wee - December 21, 2007

hahaha yeah i’m already preparing to crow for joy.

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