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December 8, 2007

Posted by ash in about Memories & Reflections.

My appetite is coming back. It’s a good news because what I have been experiencing for the past 2 weeks was extremely unhealthy but seeing that I was wolfing down carrot cake and hokkien mee at the same time today, I would be saying hello to the 1.5 kgs I lost again. And yes, Abby tells me not to deceive myself that I even lost weight. I love Abby, she totally doesn’t mince her words LOL.

The week at work was no good, it’s only going to get worse as time goes by. More than 1 person is telling me to re-evaluate my career option, and I am seriously having a hard time thinking about my next course of action. The problem with me, is that I dislike complications and what with all the possible burning bridges and unhappiness which will be caused if I step out of the job, I am dreading the option of quitting. Not to mention, the $ that I would have to pay the agent.

I am having butterflies in my stomach because my boss has requested for me to do my confirmation presentation earlier than the intended 3 months deadline, he mentioned that he wishes to confirm me early so that I can start doing “real work”. I am really stressed. People are telling me this job is not for me, but I don’t really know what else I can / want to do. Today, I have a potential offer of a translating job at a Japanese solutions company, but talks are preliminary and I have yet to go for an interview. It is very tempting now that I have an seeming option for me to turn away from the current job, but I really dont know what I should do. Right now, I think all I can do is work as per normal and then try to find out more about the translating thing. If it works out, I may just shell out the compensation because afterall, $ can always be earned back.

In other news, the wallet issue. The REAL wallet issue, is that my braun buffel wallet is REALLY in tatters, I need a new wallet asap. Checked out the agnes B ones, saw 2 designs I liked but with hefty pricetags. There are simply too many things on my wishlist this Christmas, it’s beginning to hurt. I need new speakers, new mp3 player, new clothes, new shoes, new bag…new everything. If I can request to Santa, I want a new body too. A slimmer and more well-toned one please.

With regards to the metaphorical wallet issue though, like the real wallet issue, I begin to think that a new wallet is not that bad afterall. Communication is important (yes, CS101 module) and sincere discussions yield positive results. A discussion last Thursday did lots of good and I am already feeling better and more confident about this thing now. Let’s just hope it becomes better.



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